Saturday, January 31, 2009

hey long lost friends! :]

sorry.. i've been a little busy BEING A MOMMY!!!!!!! :] it's amazing and so hard and so amazing at the same time! haha. i love every second of it.. :]

big hugs for her daddy!

daddy being amazing at the hospital.

"ughh..i have a headache!"

squishyyy face.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

14 days left.

Baby Brynlee, now as long as a leek, weighs nearly 7 pounds. (Length: more than 19 1/2 inches, head to heel.)

Once again, I wish they'd just compare the baby to something normal. haha.. oh well.

I have nothing to post about.. just done being prego. i feel awful and EXTREMELY tired no matter how much sleep i get... :[ dangit.

oh well... i'm ready to meet my baby and plenty of other people are ready to meet her too. Come out already sunshine. :]

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

haha.. swiss chard??

what the?

Baby Brynlee is as lofty as a stalk of Swiss chard and weighs 6 1/3 pounds. (Length: a bit over 19 inches, head to heel.)

i'm laughing because c'mon! can't they compare it to something normal?? haha.. anyway. I'M SO DONE!!!!!!!! i'm 37 weeks pregnant, full term and she could come any day now but seeing as how she's probably a big ol' brat just like her mommy, she won't be here until 10 days after her due date. haha.. just kidding. maybe not that late but still.. i don't feel like she's coming any time.

On Friday, i was having contractions all day none that hurt or anything like that but the part that alarmed me was that she wasn't active at all and that makes me nervous. Even after two full meals, she was not moving at all so after work, Nick and I headed over to the hospital just to make sure everything was fine and sure enough, they hooked me up to the machines and she started moving like CRAZY! haha... my little princess made me look and feel so dumb! :] ha, the nurse was like, "well...she seems fine...?" haha.. probably thinking "why the heck are you here?!" anyway. everything was fine but i was still contracting.. just Braxton Hicks which sucks cuz those don't put me into labor or anything sooo... they're just lame.

The nurse checked me and it turns out that really hurts. lol no, it turns out that i'm dilated to a 1 and i'm 60% effaced. I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow and i'm sure he'll check me then too... I'll let you know if anythings changed...

ps. Linda! tell me what's going on with you and your pregnancy! haha.. are you as DONE as i am?? are you dilated at all or anything? any contractions?! ANYTHING?!!!