Thursday, September 17, 2009


so, i know i knowww.. i haven't blogged in like a month! BUT we don't do much. lol i don't have anything to say to you guys without being ridiculously boring and lame but i feel like this is a good enough story so i'll let cha hear it!

Today, I was at Macey's just gettin' some stuff for dinner,
when i see these older ladies running around looking for things.
One says to a Macey's worker:
Lady: ...."no, like a bottle of wine!"
worker: "uhh.. if we have any they'd be down this isle.."
Lady: **storms down the isle and doesn't find what she's looking for**
other lady: "well, do you guys even have liquor stores in utah?"
worker: "liquor stores??" (like that's the devil's playground) "yeahh..."
other lady: "do you know where it's at?"
worker: (simply appalled at this point) "no."
bah hahahaha.. so.. i stop the lady and say:
me: "excuse me ma'am but you could NOT have come to a more conservitave, mormon store! I'm surprised that you even found that beer here.."
lady: "I didn't want to offend anyone by asking where the liquor was... i'm not a bad person because i go to the liquor store! i promise!"
me: "oh i know i know.. you're actually really close, it's just down the street."
I proceed to tell her where it is and she seems grateful.
I just thought it was SO funny that this man from Macey's was in complete shock that she'd even ask if he knew where the liquor store was!
the nerve!
now, before anyone gets all offended that i said Macey's was for mormons, remind yourself that I too am mormon and I was at Macey's along with all the other mormons haha...
also, don't go thinkin' i'm a bad person because i knew where the liquor store was!
i love you guys! i know you missed me!
oh, also, my spell check isn't working so excuse an spelling errors ha i'm sorry.
oh, and i'm also sorry if it wasn't that funny to you it's possible that it may have been one of those "had to be there..." situations.