Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Merry Christmas Brynlee. haha.. WE WON!

I won the giveaway over at Not Your Everyday Mommy

and i couldn't be happier!
Thanxxxx Kendahl!
it's sooo cute and I can't wait for Brynlee to get it for Christmas.

haha.. i'm afraid i'm getting myself a little too excited for Christmas.
lol Brynlee will not know what's going on!

you guys!!
I need your help!
What should I expect for my baby girl's first Christmas?
She'll be 11 months and I don't know what to do! haha.. I need help!

I feel like i shouldn't go ALL out because i'm positive that she will like the wrapping paper more than any present that she gets. I know my daughter. haha

but on the flip side i HAVE to go all out!! it's her FIRST Christmas!!

ahhh! what do I do!??

oh and please, any suggestions to keep her away from the Christmas tree???
haha. that'll be a full time job in and of itself!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i don't think i've ever been this upset in my whole life.

I ran out of formula so I went Walgreens for a quick stop to grab some. Well, I have coupons from Nick's work for free Nestle Goodstart formula well it can be "up to $15.00" and normally the formula is about $15.99 and I just make up the difference. Well NOT this time, he wouldn't accept the coupon. FINE i'm NOT in the mood. i'm tired, it's late and I want to go home, whatever, I just buy the generic stuff and leave. Well, I think to myself, I'll just go down to Albertsons and redeem the last two coupons (out of a 35-40 coupon book) for these cans of formula and as I'm walking to the baby food isle, i slip and FALL, twist my ankle to the point that I'm crying and this lady that is standing there watching it ALL practically runs away. She doesn't HELP me up, she doesn't ASK if i'm okay! NOTHING. I WOULD NEVER ever ever in my entire life watch someone fall and then do nothing.. i would practically sprint to them to make sure that they're okay. no matter what!!! well, i'm sitting there trying not to bawl my eyes out. I slowly stand up and continue walking to get the formula, I grab it and get in line. I wait and wait, and continue trying not to cry and he's finally ringing my things up and is OVER analysing these coupons. I understand why, they seem way too good to be true. A free can of formula for nothing, I don't have to buy anything, nothing.. yeah, i'd check it too.. that's fine. I let him do his thing and then he tells me "it's not the same product" and I calmly explain that they've just changed the packaging and that it is indeed the same item. He voids both cans of formula and just looks at me............. i say "is that it?" Thinking that the transaction was done and he says "well, I can't accept those, it's not the same item" **now i'm thinking** DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes it is! i just broke my freaking ankle in your DAMN store and EVERY other time you've taken these (and so has Walgreens) and you're really not going to take these?!?!?!!!?" UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i've never been so upset in my life. It's like they all saw me coming and they were out to ruin my night! I really couldn't calm down! I just can't believe how each thing set me off just a little bit more.

I SOBBED the whole way home. Practically hypercventalating. You'd think I was on my period or something WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!! i'm so upset and I have every right to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry for the swearing, I'm sorry for the one long run on sentence, I'm sorry for any spelling errors, and I'm sorry you just had to listen to me bitch!

plus side?? I'm not crying anymore and venting like this really helped. thanks!

also, now that I look back, i've definitely been more upset. I just wrote this "in the moment" haha.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a give away!!

Brynlee will also be getting this for Christmas but again! it would be great if i just won it in a giveaway and didn't have to buy it! WOO!

Check out the giveaway HERE!

Christmas Already??

that's right.. i have a child now,
so i have to start shopping for Christmas sooner.
Brynlee is for sure getting one of these for Christmas.
I know she'll LOVE it.

It would be awesome if I didn't have to pay for it,
and i won it in a giveaway!!!

Click HERE to check out A Giveaway Everyday!

Friday, October 9, 2009


I'm getting my nails done tomorrow and i'm SO excited!
They're gonna be so cool! i can't even explain it because you wouldn't understand!

(not to underestimate you at all but i'm not very descriptive which makes it hard to explain!)

think halloweenish and these colors:

lime green




and a little white!

add some sparkle and they're gonna be....

I'll get a picture up as soon as I have one. ahhh.. i'm so excited!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the disney channel...

Brynlee and I watch the Disney channel
every single morning, she watches her shows and i get ready for work
not a big deal..

only lately.... i've been noticing something weird.

they're saying things like


I understand what they're getting at...
halloweenish/wizards and such
but doesn't that sound funny to anyone else????

just sayin'

Monday, October 5, 2009

just an update.. cuz i'm a bad blogger.

who's excited to see Brynlee in her halloween costume??
ahhh.. it's so cute! In fact, it's so cute that i can't even find a picture online! gosh!
well, we got it at toys r us and it's adorable! bet cha can't guess what she's going to be!??

well.... i'll tell you..

she's going to be a COW!
and it's so freakin' cute! haha.. i can't wait to take pictures of her in it!

oh she's my favorite!

she's getting bigger and bigger each day!
and she can do new tricks every time i come home from work, i swear!

she's pulling herself up on things now. it's crazy.
she's so CUTE!

here she is with dad, checkin' out his new cool phone! :)

SUCH a daddy's girl!

just hangin' out in her bouncer. she's so cute!

Brynlee is 8 months old and she's amazing.

she can:

*say dada
*scream on queue haha..
*kick like a soccer player
*crawl faster than a bolt of lightning!
*pull her flowers off her head band JUST to make mommy mad
*sleep through the night (she's been able to do that for quite awhile)
*clap! and it's so cute!
*stick her tongue out
*understand what "no no" means
*shake her head like "no no" when someone tells her no.
*crawl up one stair but then gets stuck
*cuddle, but only for about 10 seconds at a time
*pull herself up on the couch and the table
*eat whatever you give her! she's a fatty.
*wear size 4 diapers!
*drink from a straw
*bounce SO high in her bouncer

and i'm sure SO much more i just can't list EVERYTHING haha.. she's amazing and i love every second of being a mommy!