Wednesday, December 31, 2008

36 weeeeeks.

Baby Brynlee, almost 6 pounds and still packing on the pounds at a rate of about an ounce a day, is comparable to a crenshaw melon in size. (Length: more than 18 1/2 inches, head to heel.)

Is it weird that I don't think a "crenshaw melon" looks that big?? Sure doesn't seem like 6 pounds! oh well.. i don't write this stuff, i just read it every week. haha..

Can you imagine 18 1/2 inches long???? Poor thing, she's gotta be so dang squished! I'm sorry sweetie babe!

So, the doc says that i'm measuring 2 1/2 weeks ahead! That's big... maybe i'm just fat but sheesh! if not, that's a big baby! haha... we'll see how big she is when she comes out. Nick's betting our friends (who just had a 9 POUND 1 OUNCE baby) that our baby will be bigger.. for my own sake, i hope not. haha.. what am i saying, i've got no hope with having a small baby, i was 9.5 and Nick was 8.9 a few weeks EARLY! I'm having a giant baby girl in a few weeks. Can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i only have like a BILLION!

On saturday, we did a mini session with Michele. She's great. I like her a lot. I can not WAIT for her to do Brynlee's pictures...! Here are just a handful of the ones I liked. Beware....I liked a ton. :]

My favorites were the silhouette ones, with the bright light in the back! I think those ones turned out SO good!! :] Yay! I'm so very happy with all the pictures. **All photo credits go to Michele Reyes!**


HEY EVERYONE! On the right side of my blog, there are other links to other blogs, go checkout "Michele Reyes Photography" and see my pictures!! I don't have them yet so I can't put them up but this is just a sample!! GO GO GO!!! please!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

34 weeks!!!!

baby Brynlee has bulked up like the average cantaloupe -- to about 4 3/4 pounds. (Length: almost 18 inches, head to heel.)

18 inches!?? that's big! haha.. i can't help but think she's in there stretching COMPLETELY out sometimes.. haha. she can dance on my bladder and play the xylophone on my ribs at the same time.. now that's talent. I've got my own little prodigy in there. :] I love her and I can't wait to meet her. It's getting so close!

I've got people making bets that she's going to come early, right on time or really late.. whatever, each person thinks what they want. haha. i guess i don't want her to be really late OR really early but i guess we'll see. Both nick and I were huge babies, so we're expecting Byrnlee to be pretty big. I talked with my doctor and he says we'll start keeping tracking of how big she's getting and if necessary, he will induce me early so that she doesn't get HUGE. I really don't think i want to have a c-section and if she is TOO big, i would have to. Hopefully things continue to go well, I've definitely had a very healthy pregnancy. *KNOCK ON WOOD* I haven't had to go through any stress with gestational diabetes, I haven't had any high blood pressure issues. My weight has been right on track.. I guess someone thought i had suffered enough in the beginning remember this? haha. I do. Anyway, I can't wait to meet my baby. I just want to see her pretty face!!

Oh... and if you would please, don't ask me if i'm "ready" hahaha... no, the crib isn't set up. no, the dresser isn't put together. no, I don't have a bassinet, car seat, stroller, swing....anything. no, her room is not cleaned, it's still a complete mess! so NO, i'm not ready... hahah.. it's just been wayyy too busy lately! seriously! who can do anything around the holidays?? i'm way too busy with family Christmas parties, work Christmas parties, shopping.. just everything. it stresses me out to think that i'm not ready and she could be here soon.. hopefully she'll be nice to her parents and just stay in there a bit longer so we can get everything ready for her GRAND ARRIVAL!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I had a good weekend!

On Friday, we went up to temple square which was fun BUT it was soooo crowded and soo dang cold. Gosh! anyway, we only stayed up there for a little while just because it was too crazy. Here are a few pictures I got.

it was sooo pretty.

it doesn't get much more beautiful than that!

he won't even kiss me back. brat.


nickie poo doesn't like pictures.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

33 weeks!

Baby Brynlee is proportioned like a pineapple when it comes to weight -- a little over 4 pounds. (Length: more than 17 inches, head to heel.)

That's just about what the doctor said yesterday, he said she's about 4 1/2 lbs. That's crazy. I wish I could say that I've only gained 4 1/2 pounds and that it's all baby... (sigh) yeah right... that'd be nice though. :)

Anyway, I'm soooo much more anxious to meet my baby girl. I can't even stand it!!

SOON SOON SOON... I love you baby, I can't wait to see how pretty you are. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

on saturday!! (warning.. super long blog. tons of pictures)

I had a pretty good weekend! Went to dinner with some friends on Friday, she's about to pop! more than me! hahah... anyway, after that we went over to some other friends to visit with the new baby!!! i just love her. :) i'm kinda sick so i couldn't hold her or anything.. I didn't want get her sicky.

Then on Saturday, i woke up, took a shower but didn't really feel like getting ready, haha.. i ended up going down to my grandma's looking TERRIBLE but oh well.. we had fun! we made gingerbread TRAINS! they turned out so dang cute! but i'll tell you what, they were NOT easy haha.. i was wayy too involved in making my train perfect to get any pictures, and i apologize. ha, i'll go home and take one of the finished product!

After we were done we ate some pizza *whisper voice* (that wasn't very good..) I'm definitely not a fan of tons of "stuff" on my pizza and it was a meatlovers with stuffed crust. gross. oh well... i ate one slice. ANYWAY!

After thaaat, we went to The Festival of Trees! ohhh man! it was fun. haha.. i must say, the trees were amazing but i didn't get too many pictures, there was just way to many people. *click on the pictures to make them bigger!! they're so much cooler!*

This is the super cool grinch tree!

I think my favorite part was definitely the gingerbread houses! I got tons of pictures of those!!

some of the pictures didn't turn out so well, it was hard to walk in a single file line, trying to look at the houses annnd take pictures. I did my best. :)

Oh my GOSH!! this one was by far my favorite!!! I just looooove it! CANDYLAND!!!

I'm really sad that this one didn't turn out well, It's a pond with bugs and cute plants! Super cute!!

An African one!!!

just a good ol' traditional one.

the 5 1/2 foot castle!!

After all the fun at the festival of trees, we were starving! We went to Chick-fil-a!!!! yuuumo! that's probably my favorite fast food place EVER!! :)

Then when we were all stuffed with chicken nuggets and criss cross fries, we headed down to Thanksgiving Point to see the lights!


What a GREAT christmas, fun filled day!!! :) I had such a good time!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

today i'm 32 weeks pregnant!

Do you understand what this means??? i'm having a baby in EIGHT weeks?! whoa freakin' whoa.. it's still wayyy too weird to me.

Your baby is taking up more and more space in your uterus and weighs as much as a large jicama -- about 3 3/4 pounds. (Length: about 16 3/4 inches, head to heel.)
ps. i wish that they would compare the size to something normal! i mean.. i know what a jicama is but seriously? why would they use that random vegetable? (is it a vegetable??) gosh.. anyway!!! ON A LIGHTER NOTE!!! oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my goshhhh!!!

my best buddy Trisity had her amazing baby girl on November 28th and she's soooooo dang cute! i love her love her love her! We visited her and mommy and daddy TWICE in the hospital. I'm so happy for them.

Her name is Devlyn Taye Haleaka Rasmussen and she's amazing.

Seeing her made me cry. Everything is just too real for me and I was a little overwhelmed. Of course I realize that my best friend and I were going to have babies but it just wasn't "real" yet. Now, it's all too real and i'm soooo much more anxious to see my baby! :) I can't wait to meet you Miss BrynLee Cielle. I love you with my whole heart.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


sooo.. I ordered some wooden letters for BrynLee and they came in the mail yesterday. They are so stinkin' cute BUT they're huge! hahah.. oh well.. they'll look good on her bedroom wall. :) I'll paint em and put them up on the wall and put up more pictures. :)

don't mind our freakin PINK carpet.. ughh.. it's terrible AND to top that pinkness off, we don't have a vacuum so it makes things look even worse! gosh!