Friday, May 29, 2009

so i had a craving...

for fruit!

we went to Sunflower Farmers Market and got TONS of fruit and pretty cheap too.. well all the fruit was amazing! especially the honeydew and the cantaloupe! ahh.. soo good!!

well, here it is!

it didn't seem like a lot at first but shoot, once it was all cut up it turned into a ton! haha... that's:
3 apples
2 containers of strawberries
2 containers of raspberries
1 containers of blackberries
1 whole pineapple
1 whole honeydew
1 whole cantaloupe
1 peach (they weren't very ripe, i didn't put any more than just one)

i think that's it but it was amazing! THENNNNN

i made real whipped cream

and then it turned into this!

doesn't look that great but BOY! it was! haha.. mmm.. i love fruit and i suuure love exxxtra fattening real whipped cream!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

just some cute pictures!

this is my brynlee (in a good mood) lol and i looove her.

yup that's muh baby girl.

sorry it's been so long since i've posted anything. i lost my camera for a minute. lol it was really just exactly where i put it so it would be "safe" but i forgot all about it so yeah... it was "lost" but it's found now and i'll start again with the pictures and such... haha.. love you all!

thanks meagen!

this is the cute shirt that Meagen got Brynlee. awww!

thanks again meagen! :]

*oh.. and don't mind the rattle in the mouth.. she's 4 months old and EVERYTHING goes straight to the mouth.

Friday, May 15, 2009

my sammy's review!!

how cute is this place?!! ahh!! and so amazing! the menu is short and to the point! haha.. it's such a tiny place so it gets crowded really quickly but it's soo worth it! i got a "make your own" burger and it was great! check out that burger!! i got bacon, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo! haha.. delish

now obviously, you can get whatever you'd like. It's all amazing. I didn't get a picture of the fries but they were awesome too! they have seasoned fries and sweet potato fries! both were sooo good! their fry sauce is a bit like red robin's, ya know the whole fry sauce made with bbq sauce.. it wasn't bad at all.

the girls that work there are super nice! and so cute! :] thanks for being so fun girls! haha.

dun dun dun DAAA the grand finale???

the amazing shakes they make!! wow double wow! they put some ice cream in first and then what??? you'll never guess! A WHOLE PIECE OF PIE! amazing right???? well it was! we got the banana cream pie shake and yup, it was fantastic!

the best part??

aww.. how precious.

thanks for taking us jake!! it's my new favorite place!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

our photo shoot!

i love my baby girl more than anything! she makes my day and when i come home from work we dance and sing in front of the mirror. she loves it and so do i. she's such a tank that it's a total work out AND i get plenty of smiles from being so silly!

kEEses for my baby!

pretty girlss!!

silly mom!!



ice cream anyone??

We stopped at Taco Amigo last night to get me an ice cream.. mmm.. i could live off of their ice cream. ANYWAY. we got home and i was giving brynlee some! haha.. so cute!



she loved it. :]

well, nick put brynlee down and i'm just sitting eating my ice cream when BAM i get this in my face!

lol.. i still had my camera in my hand so i managed to get some shots in before i was covered with ice cream.

he's having a great time with this.. lol if only you could hear me screaming!! i did NOT want ice cream all over my face when, it could be in mah belly!

the end result.. :[ i think i was crying. haha..

it doesn't look that bad but it totally is.. ughhhh.. i was so sad!

oh wait!

i got my ice cream back.. haha.. and i ate it. who doesn't like their ice cream with a little FACE on it! haha..

haha.. okay. last mother's day post.

This is us at Red Robin. :]

cute! baby and mommy!

haha.. look at BOTH of our faces.. so funny!

HI cute girl.

that's all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

how pretty!

woooow! Etsy It Up! has another amazing giveaway. I absolutely love these beautiful pieces of jewelry!

my favorite!

my other favorite!

i love these so much!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the good part of my mother's day.

*note* this subject is gonna take one more post haha.. i forgot my camera but I have the ones on my phone.

First off, I got up at about 6:30ish on Sunday morning and i make miss Brynlee baby a bottle and then i say to nick.. hunnnyy?? it's mother's day, can i go back to sleep while you take care of baby? he said yes and i went back to bed! wahoo.. that's a great present already! anyway, they both came in at about 9 to wake me up and these are adorable pictures I got.

i love you mama!

cutest smile ever! don't mind nick's head..haha.

just chillin' in my jammies.

love youuu.

that little girl has my entire heart.

after we had a little photo shoot, we got ready and went out to lunch.. lol that's where our story stops today because, i forgot my camera and that's where those pictures are. mmmkay??

thank you very much..

hmmp. i got my full refund.

Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day.....

sooooooo.... I bought 1 dozen cupcakes from SugarPlum Cupcakery I am soooo disappointed. :( dangit.. here we go...

First off, they arrive and i'm SO excited!! Oh man, online, they looked soo great and they have great feedback, I was very excited to be giving these to my family members for mother's day! I get to my house, open them all up and well.... i was shocked!

these are the strawberry cupcakes...No frosting except stuck on the foil ABOVE the cupcakes.

This is the foil above the chocolate cupcakes.

These are the disgusting chocolate cupcakes.

This is the box with the frosting evvvvverywhere...

and this is how i pulled it out of the box.

I was say the least

Not only did this ruin EVERY mother's day gift I was giving, it left me NO time to get anything else for everyone..ughhhhhhh...

So, I find the business card in the box that was delivered. There was a phone number on the card. *thinkin' to myself* oh okay, i'll just call and get this whole thing sorted out right now." I call the number and it's out of service??????? are you serious?! what sort of company is this?? so then I try a few more times, just in case I dialed the number wrong and NOPE... still got the same message. I am beyond upset at this point! ughhhhhhhh...

I've emailed the customer support and received no answer as of right now.. we'll see if I ever get any response back..

oh, and normally this wouldn't be a complaint, I mean the more cupcakes the better but they gave me 2 dozen crushed cupcakes instead of the 1 dozen I ordered.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

i really love Esty!

Noodles & Milk is a very cute Esty store and Esty it up! is having a grrreat giveaway. How cute! wow.. i really love all of this stuff! Check it out!

This is a good one!

yay! I really love downeast! i'm excited for this one! Fresh and Flirty Giveaway

check it out!

Simple Finds Giveaway

Sanuk Giveaway from Simple Finds! Woo all of these shoes are super cute. I would love to win. wahoo.. check it out.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

rub a dub dub...

miss brynlee in the tub.

awww.. she has so much fun in the tub. she's cute and i love her.

c'mon everyone, i'm waiting for "i'm pregnant" posts.

you know who you are! it's so much fun!