Wednesday, March 30, 2011


seriously. I am so fat. I really have never felt this terrible in my entire life. I weigh so much. more than any 21 year old 5'4 woman should EVER weigh. I hate me. I am so sick about this right now. I just want to cry. I can not believe I'm this fat. I just don't know how it happened. Please. I need help.


I'm feeling better. I know that I'm still big, but bitching about it on my blog is not going to get me anywhere. YOUR COMMENTS HOWEVER, have been great. Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate it. Over the weekend, Nick and I got everything that we need to take our lunches to work and school every day. That's going to help me a lot. Little by little I'll be changing things.

So far:
I'm already eating more fruit. I love both fruits and veggies so it's not hard for me to eat them but it hasn't been the season for anything I swear it, but that's changing so I'll eat more.

I'm going to start parking far away from school. Normally I can get a front or second row spot but why would I want to?? I don't do anything all day so the few extra steps are going to get me that much closer to my goal.

I'm not too bad with soda but I could do better HOWEVER, I don't think I can say "I'm quitting soda" because it makes me crave it more. Same goes for sweets.

I've started to put everything in snack size ziploc baggies in the portion sizes that are on the bag. That way I just grab one and not 7 servings at once. ;) The hard thing about that is that a serving size of my favorite chips is "9 chips" SERIOUSLY?! hahaha.. but I'll get used to it!

watch and see.
I'll try to keep you updated.