Thursday, July 30, 2009


what IS this???

what the???

yellow watermelon??
hmmm... i didn't have the guts (or the funds) to buy it and try it out but i'll be honest, i was a little nervous! i've never seen such a sight!
anyway! tell me if you've seen this before and if you've tried it?!
i'm really curious!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

rainbow cake.

yuup.. i made rainbow cake last night! i was nervous because i didn't know what i was doing but shoot! it was easy and i just winged it so i think i did good!

this is before i frosted it. i was so dang excited to see the inside i just couldn't wait!

this is the cake with my piece missing. (i understand that it looks pretty yucky from the top. lol i needed to frost it!)

and then, i put frosting on it. RAINBOW chip. woo.. it's a good thing i'm clever.. rainbow cake, rainbow frosting.. get it??

now, please understand that i'm no pro, in fact i'm VERY amateur at this whole taking pictures of food thing.. haha, half of them you can see the computer in the background. i get it, i'll work on it for next time BUT in the meantime... compliment me on how cool my cake is! I've seen it before on a blog or two and i figured i'd try it. i really like how it turned out! i'm excited to make it for a family get together. ps.. it tasted great too! wooo!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Steel Days.

So, Brynlee, Nick and I went down to American Fork to the car cruise. It's tradition and I've been every year for pretty much my whole life. It was fun, Brynlee had a good time even though she had made another annoying friend. haha.. another boy came up crushin' on my beautiful daughter. However, this little boys parents were great! First the dad came over and said "come on buddy, leave these guys alone" and I said, "No, he's totally fine. He's being good." so he stayed a bit longer but then, he was ALL up in Brynlee's face haha.. his mom spotted him and said "come on, come sit with us again, mommy and daddy think you're cute but not everyone can handle THAT much cuteness. I had to laugh out loud because he was really a great kid, just in that 100 questions a minute stage, which was fine. He was like "What's her name? What's your name? What is she eating? Why is she doing that? Does she like that car? and soooo much more!" I guess it just got me ready for when Bryn Bryn hits that stage.

After that, we hung around for a bit longer but Brynlee got fussy, so I thought to myself, "oh, cousin Chace can take us for a ride!" and he did, and she loved it, we were just ridin' along in a cool car and got all the way to the end of the cruise and got pulled over!!! well, i instantly knew it was because Brynlee was on my lap.
The cop said "you can't have that baby on your lap."
I immediately snapped back
well i'm not walking back???"
and he snapped RIGHT back with
you can have a ticket?!!

so i "UGHHHH"ed and stormed off.. only lets be honest, i'm fat and my daughter weighs over 20 pounds, and it was sooo hot it's not like i was going to get anywhere very quickly. I started off walking really fast because i was so upset but shoot, that just got me all tired. I didn't have my phone so I couldn't call anyone so i walked my butt ALL the way back to my family. I was so freakin' upset.

The cop said "It's for the safety of your baby" BUUUT we were in the parade??? I sat in the back of a truck with her on my lap and that was fine.. what's the difference? whatever, i'm over it and for all I know, that cop just knew that i need some good exercise and that's why he did it.

All in all, we had a good time. Here are some pictures of the night.

This is my Bryn Bryn. (she stopped crying her eyes out to smile for the camera)

this is my nicholas and my bryn bryn. (oh and no, you'll never get a good picture out of nick, well, it's very rare but Brynlee looks cute! haha..)

hey baby!

this was after i got back from walking across town.

haha.. she's SUCH a ham.

love you sweetie babe. even if you're 20 lbs and i have to carry you across town in 101 degree weather.

Monday, July 20, 2009

oh my!

hahahahaha... of course, i'm bias BUT
does it get any cuter than this???? on them to make them bigger. they're even cuter then. haha.

look at Brynlee's little arm around her bestie!

or this?

or this!?

orrr this?!

hahaha.. i don't care how lame this post was she's my world and i think she's the cutest thing on earth and i LOVE to show her off. awww.. i love love LOVE being a mommy. i've said it before and i'll say it again. i can't wait til some of my readers tell me that

love you all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ohhh miss brynlee!

We went swimming and she likes it now!! wahoo!

her little nose kept getting red because she kept trying to eat her little floaty haha.. it was smashing her nose.


oh bryn bryn, i love you.

this is brynlee's best baby buddy. say that 5 times fast! Her name is Devlyn.

last picture of the day

it got too windy so we had to get out..

and this kid? freak... he almost drowned my baby girl! little jerk! and he got in just about every picture we were trying to take. and he was drinking the pool water. and he was hanging on brynlee's floaty which is clearly NOT for him.. ugh.. i could go on and on about this little boy. dang. he made our pool experience not so enjoyable.

blurry but there he is..

the worst part?? his mom was RIGHT there saying "don't do that..." "dakota...stop..." like not even looking at what he was doing just hearing that we were continually saying "please stop, please don't do that"

Finally, he got in trouble and had to leave the pool cuz mom said so.. way to finally be a parent MOM.. all i could think when i was looking down at brynlee was "NEVER in your life kid..." haha.. i hope not at least.

Why wouldn't this mom be watching her son? How come this little umm... brat was bugging us so bad? Any mom's out there..(or anyone really) how come i was sad for this boy.. seemed like he just wanted attention but because he was sooo annoying, no one would give him the time of day. :[

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i'm sorrrrry.

it's probably obvious but i didn't take many pictures. haha... here's how the day went, we went boating for about 4-5 hours. (yes, i'm fried).

siiick! if you look close enough, i've got food in my teeth! ohh... my. gross.

nick and tyler on the tube.

when we got back, we showered and got ready really quick. We went to get Brynlee from grandma and grandpa's... we then flew up to Texas Roadhouse and waited a little while, not too long. Well, we got stuck in the back by five thousand other people. It was so packed, they added tables to the booths so that more people could sit at one table, well... we got situated.
Brynlee was fine.....for a minute.....

dinner came and it was good, but we took turns eating because Brynlee wasn't happy to be there. lol. THEN they came to sing to the table next to us.. ya know, happy birthday, the whole deal.. well if you've ever heard that, at the end they say
Brynlee cried her little eyes out!!!! she's such a scaredy baby.. she gets scared about everything.. well, as she cried it made everyone feel bad so we decided they probably shouldn't come and YEEHAW our way.. so we said no to that... *sniff sniff* it was my birthday.. i wanted that to happen and get my ice cream but i wasn't willing to do that to my Brynlee again... :]

anyway, after that (9 o' freakin' clock) we headed to my mom's, dropped Brynlee off and then we headed to a party.. it was really fun but some chick was hittin' on my man ALL NIGHT LONG! who IS this girl?! well... i was feeling particularly nice so she didn't get beat up.. BUT she did get a talkin' to.. she denied it. whateve. i know my man's hot. lol. my bestie was there and wanted to kill her more than i did.. haha.. what are friends for. :] OH oh OH! and this girl already had a boyfriend....

i told him that he could do better than that.. no one wants a girlfriend who's hitting on other guys.

little tramp

haha.. all in all, it was a good night. happy birthday to me.

sorry for the lame post. it's better than nothing right??

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ladies annnnd... Gen....Ladies!

It's my birthday today. :] I'm going boating and then BBQing. promise there are pictures to come! :] yayyyyy