Friday, June 27, 2008

feelin better and i'm amazed.

just as the title states, i am feeling better!
if you know me, you know that i have been AWFULLY sick lately, like, can't even keep WATER down kinda sick.
ugh. it's been awful.
but, last night, we went to the hospital
and they filled me up with some drugs and some fluids and now, i feel better!
i must have been just really dehydrated.
even the ice water that they gave me was amazing! haha..
it's pretty hard to make water amazing
it just tasted so good to finally get a good drink down!
the doctor said i'm lookin good and all my numbers look great
i just need to keep eating so that i don't DIE!
haha.. he didn't say die, but close.
he sent me home with some "no puke" medicine
and man, i'im feeling better!

just thought i'd update everyone.
hopefully, the worst is behind me and i'll feel better starting


Monday, June 23, 2008


myy doctor's appointment is coming up!

we'll be able to hear the heartbeat!
how crazy is that??
the only thing that makes me think i'm pregnant is the AWFUL
sickness i get alll day everyday!
i feel like when i hear the little heartbeat i will KNOW that something is in there!
ahh.. how crazy.

:] well. we're excited.
my appointment in on july 7th.
(that's 4 days after my birthday*)

*it's not too late to buy myy present!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i'm a bad blogger.
i never even write!! haha...
well, maybe if i ever had anything interesting to say then i would!

i think as soon as i go to the doctor and
i get some ultra-sound pictures
i'll have more to say
and more to put up!

i'm really excited for my first doctors appointment.
it's not until
july 7th

man that's crazy.. it feels like sooooooo far away but guess what else??
my birthday is in 22 days!
july 3rd be my cake day!
can't wait for that either!
that week, i'm taking the 2nd off work
i get the 3rd off (and paid for) for myyy day!
and the 4th is a paid holiday toooooo!
that makes a FIVE day weekend for meeee!
you are.
OH and i get the Doba truck too!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

scared straight.

phew.. we had quite the scare on sunday.
i was spotting and thought for sure that something horrible was happening.
well, we went to the ER and they ran a whole bunch of tests
and turns out everything was normal
they wanted me to go back in 48 hours to make sure that my numbers
were doubling.
i started at 6,000
and today i got the results back and i'm at
SO just about doubled!
that's fantastic news!
hopefully everything is fine..
they're still checking on me and keeping a close eye on everything
but, i think i'll be okay. :]

that's myy prego update for the day.

everyone pray for me and wish me the best of luck it would mean the world to me.
love you all.