Friday, December 10, 2010

Number 9!

December 9th.

Inside was....

two laffy taffy.


Merry Christmas!

December 8th.

December 8th.

Inside was...

two baby ruths.
no tears this time. Mom stole one and she didn't even cry.
that's the best!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

number 7!

Above is number seven!

Inside was....

A dog bone for Koda, 2 head bands for Brynlee and a laffy taffy.

(ps, you know she has the coolest hair. you're jealous)

Merry Christmas!

number six!

This is our itty bitty box number 6!
There were 2 gummy bears inside.
haha, that's about all that fit in there!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010



What happened to number 4 you ask? haha.. I forgot to take pictures.
As soon as I remember, I'll post about it.

Inside box number 5....

A Christmas candy necklace!

She loved it.

Merry Christmas!

Box number 3

Box number 3

Inside box #3....

Minnie and Mickey Mouse figures.
She loved them.
(sorry for the no make-up picture)

Merry Christmas!

December 2nd (our second box)

This is our #2 box.

Can I tell you how glad I am that I did this?
Brynlee is SO much fun with it!
All day long she asks "box?" or "trick-or-treat?"
(because there is candy in them sometimes and she's silly like that)
But she has to wait for mommy AND daddy to be home to do it.

Inside box number 2 was....

What's that you ask?
You can't tell what was inside because all you see is a crying baby??

Well, inside box number two was 2 Baby Ruths.
But she's crying because we couldn't open them fast enough for her
since "mean ol' mom" had to take a picture first.

how rude.


Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

About a week ago I started a craft with one of my best buddies Sharley
It was a lot of hard work and it wasn't the cheapest BUT it turned out great. I'm so excited to start this series. First I'll show you what I made, then I'll update you each day.

Here is Sharley's post about the project.

Here is my homemade Advent Calendar
(click on the picture, make it bigger and check that thing out!)

This is the present from Day 1.

Can you guess what it is?

Dad said it wasn't very "Christmas-y" but Brynlee loved it and that's what matters!
There was a laffy taffy in there as well but she chomped that down QUICK.

As you all know, Brynlee was the smiley-est baby around and only lately is she having issues. haha.. this is her new smile. It happens when we say "Brynlee, show me your teeth"

haha! funny girl.

Anyway! Merry Christmas everyone!

this is a big deal!

I'm blogging guys, this is huge! I never blog anymore. check it out, see how long it's been since my last post. bah haha..

but here I am. :)

First I'll start by saying that Thanksgiving was good. As good as it could have been, due to the circumstances.

Nick and I lost a very close friend of ours the Sunday before Thanksgiving and the viewing and funeral was on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. We were thankful that we still had each other and our beautiful baby girl but couldn't help missing Kevin. A lot. I love you buddy. I miss you like crazy.

Kevin, Vivian and Payton.


After Thanksgiving on Friday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese for a friends birthday!
Brynlee had a BLAST!!
I should have recorded the way she was dancing with the animatronics on stage. SO cute! :)

Dad put her up sooo high.

She was kinda scared of this, it was a little shakey.

Loved the clock.

She ate pizza and cake and ran around playing and acting like a crazy girl all night. I know she had so much fun. We'll be back again I'm sure. Ya know what was the hardest part? Thinking about germs... oh LORD, I bet that place is disgusting. I did alright but she got straight into the bath when we got home. Ha!
As we were leaving, she saw the girl leaving with the balloons we brought her and it broke her heart! She thought because they came to the party in our car, that they got to leave in our car too. I'm sorry baby! Your birthday is coming (ohh emm gee!!!!!!!!!)
Mommy will get you some balloons then!

Love you guys. I've missed you.

Friday, June 18, 2010

goodness, we love her.

seriously?? doesn't get any better than that! she's so dang cute. dirty face and all..

I love them. lol, she's not having the best time in this picture can ya tell??

that's better.

shoot I love them!

I love being a mommy. I love having my own family.

I have a great life!

Love you all! I've missed blogging!

Baby Contest 2010

ahhh... my baby girl is shyyy.

You have got to WOW the judges in order to win, do something cute, say something funny, anything but nahh.. miss Brynlee just sat there, bein' all shy like her pops.

lol, I am NOT a shy person but her father is and I'm guessing that's where it comes from.

Oh well, she's still 100% the cutest ever to me! :)

this picture shows the mood for pretty much the whole day...

Lady Liberty!


It was fun.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Don't you just love moments that make you realize you have the perfect friends, the perfect husbee, who is the perfect daddy to the perfect baby?

I will.

This Photograph was taken about 1917 in an underground mineshaft.

The horse was totally blind, as were all such horses due to a lifetime in total darkness.

It is the most impressive image I have ever seen.

It depicts the American way of life and the effort it took our forefathers to build this great country.

Often, when I have been discouraged and despondent beyond words. I have looked at this picture and said to myself. "I will pull it one more mile."

With that attitude in mind and with an average amount of intelligence, any person can certainly make a success of their life in this land of free enterprise. Ross Taylor

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm still in awe that I have a baby girl. You're not such a "baby" anymore. Sweetheart, Tomorrow is your birthday and you are ONE! I am so shocked. This year has been one amazing roller coaster ride! You went from being a very hard newborn to the most easy going, perfect baby girl a mommy could ask for. I have had an amazing time being your mommy and I can't wait for more hugs and kisses, more milestones and even more BUTT changes. :) I love you so much. I would do anything for you. You are my strength, my light and my entire world. I hope that you have a great birthday baby girl!

Here are some of the things you're up to these days!

*You got your puppy Koda as an early Christmas present. You love him!

*You are walking baby girl! You took your first steps at Grandma and Grandpa's. Right to Grandpa of course.

*Goes up the stairs with no help. but you think you can just walk right off the top stair (to come back down) with no help. Scares mommy to death!

*You absolutely LOVE books. You love to turn the pages, look at the pictures and you love the stories.

*You have 3 1/2 teeth. I say 1/2 because that top left tooth is just not comin' through!

*We tried whole milk for a bit but it seems like your body didn't take it very well. We'll try again soon. *update. seems like you're taking it fine this time!

*You eat whatever mom and dad eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

*You are quite the daredevil! We've caught you a few times just diving off the couch head first.

*You love food. You eat pretty much everything without choking. Mom just has to make sure the bites are small enough.

*You love to be tossed up into the air.

*You love being hung upside down by dad.

*You scream for our attention and then do something silly when we look. My favorite is when you "wink" like dad. You just blink both eyes.

*You are the biggest FAKER! You can fake laugh, fake cry, fake cough and it's all so funny!

*You sleep great through the night! You've been great at this since probably 5 months old!

*You wear size 4 shoes but not very often because you're feet are chunky!!

*You love to push your buggy cars around on the floor. Sometimes I think you even make car noises!

*You play a great game of tug o' war with Koda.

*You LOVE the train Grandma Shelly and Brian got you for Christmas!

*You can growl like Koda and it's very cute!

*You give a great high five! and afterward, you're so proud of yourself you clap!

*You love the conversations you and Grandma Theresa have.

*You spend so much time with Grandma Theresa that you get more sad when she leaves than when mommy or daddy leaves!

*You hold out a toy to show us, sometimes share it and sometimes you cry if you were just trying to show us.

*You can understand a lot more than you can say. You're not a big talker right now but you listen if we ask you to do something.

*You absolutely LOVE going to the store with mommy.

There is so much more that you do everyday.
You're an amazing addition to our family
and I'm so glad that we've been blessed with such an amazing daughter!
I love you baby!

I'm here.
Always have been.
Always will be.