Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today i'm having a GREAT blog stalking day!
Just searchin' around jumping from blog to blog
I've found sooo many great blogs and SO many fun crafts that I'd like to get started on!
I'm diving head first into this "crafting" world.

I'm not one to be too creative but I think I can do it!
I'll do aight.. ;)

My first project is already in the works
and I'll be honest,
it's not nearly as easy as I had convinced myself it was going to be!
(sanding is hard! haha.. maybe i'm doing it wrong!)
dangit! don't cha hate that! haha..

I'll have pictures up soon! Wish me luck with all this!

OH oh OH!
I almost forgot! I'd like to let you know that I got these GREAT
candlesticks for a whopping (wooping, whooping? lol)
TEN dollars!

from this wonderfully, amazing blog Twice Remembered!

anyway, back to me me ME
wish me luck! i'll be doing quite a few blogs about my thrift stores finds
and what I do with them! I'll have to show you the mirror that I got for $15!
another day, another post.
tomorrow I'm sure!

see ya then!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I couldn't be happier with the pictures that Michele did! They're sooo great!

please go to:

click on "clients"

the password is: brynlee

go go gooo!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i'm gunna do it!

i am going to STOP drinking soda! this is HUUUGE for me.. i am a dr. pepper junkie!! ohhh man. i'm going to do my best to break this habit! i know that it's for the best!! ahhh.. wish me luck. i'll need all the willpower and luck in the world.

ahhh! here i gooooo!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


we went to Chris Cagle last night! It was up at the Salt Lake County Fair. annnnd it was freakin' FREE!

yeah.. i dressed up!

and i look goooood. ;)

we had a blast! except the food was sooo freakin' expensive and gross..
I guess that's how they make money when it's a free concert!

me and nicholas.

ha, i think secretly i'm supposed to be a cowgirl! look at how CUTE i look! :)
okay, enough of the cockiness!

me and trisity!

we were soooo stinkin' close. i think he dripped a little sweat my way hahaha... GROSS! but for reals. lol i'm a snake and i can squirm and push my way to the front of every concert! we were touching the stage. i got to look right up at him. cute guy!

lol he's a little chubby now days.

ahhh!! i looove him.

We had a great time! i was so glad that we got the chance to go!

haha... there were 2 girls in front of us and every time i
she would get SO upset because i was screaming in her ear! haha.. made me do it more. also, she was mad that i was bumping into her! who the heck does that?? just FYI chick you're in the front of a concert, you don't get to have that personal bubble anymore! lol... everyone's sweaty and everyone's scream in your ear ANNNND everyone bumps into you!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ladies! I'm so happy to have you! Even if a few of you aren't my IRL in real life friends! ahhh.. you've helped me so much! just talking and venting to you has helped so much! Man, you girls are the first people I'm going to come to for ANYTHING! haha, all of you have been so great! Thanks so much again!

Monday, August 3, 2009

i think something is wrong...

something is wrong with my relationship. I can't figure out what it is, maybe i'm bored.. maybe i'm too busy. maybe i just want that SPARK back.. i just don't know what it is or what to do.

We've talked about it but i'm not sure that did any good.

I can't figure out if it's going to get worse before it gets better or what....

What the HELL am I supposed to do? We're practically married.. i'm not just going to give up because i can't figure out what's wrong with US. ps.. that's the "norm" for me.. i'm quick to give up. so it's hard for me to stick around and wait for the "worse" to then wait for the "better".

He's convinced it's me, because of my "after the baby" hormones still going crazy AND he "knows" that it's my self esteem too.. (which is true, i've never been this big in my whole life and it's REALLY getting to me.. my body hurts because I don't think i'm supposed to be this big, my little bones can't carry this much weight! I'm getting stretch marks in places that shouldn't have stretch marks and i just wish that i appreciated my high school body because, i was little then but in my own head?? i was still "sooo fat") It's ridiculous how girls think.. why are we NEVER good enough?

I love my Brynlee and i could never ever take her away from her daddy.. no way, i'm not ready to "give up" and she's my reason for that but am i going to stick around and be an grumpy bitch hating my life all the time just so she can be with her daddy?? She's 100% worth it but what is it doing to me??

i will never cheat because i know how that feels.. worst feeling in the world but.... i have all these new "crushes" and all these knew "thoughts" and i SHOULDN'T!
I'm 20 years old.. i should be in the middle of my life and loving it. I should be in the dating scene, or maybe in smack dab in the middle of my "honeymoon" stage.. but i'm not. we're way passed that and i can't go back. i can't get that feeling back. Do i try to find it somewhere else?? no way...

ughhhhh... i could go on and on about it but i don't know what good that will do either!
it's been about 3 years together and i think that our relationship has hit a RIDICULOUS plateau... i'm not sure what to do.

Has anyone been in this situation?? Can someone, anyone give me SOME sort of advice...

sorry i'm all over the place, my thoughts are a little scattered today..