Friday, February 20, 2009

Michele Reyes Photography. She's amazing.

This is most but not all of Brynlee's pictures. They're amazing and i love them sooo much! i don't know if it's just me cuz i'm her mommy but she belongs in magazines! haha.. :] i hope you love em! ps. you can click on them to see them bigger if you'd like.


Brynlee's pictures are done! woo hoo!! you'll see them soon! if you wanna see a little "sample" you can go to Michele Reyes Photography on the side of my blog. There are a few pictures up on her blog. I'm so excited to see the rest! Michele does SUCH a great job! even when Brynlee was poopin' and peein' every where (she was nakeee for like 2 hours..) she did SO great!

Monday, February 9, 2009

cutest daddy ever.

it's amazing to me to see Nick with Brynlee.. of course i knew he was going to love her but this is sooo cute! he's such a big "macho" guy and now he's such a softie! it's so crazy. they are the cutest together and he has this special "dad" touch. she loves him so much and i can't wait until she says "daddy" and melts his heart!

she's trying to eat.. haha.. dad has no milk sweetie.

i know she's thinking "dad, you're my best friend".

huge hands.

reading the "B" book.

the first person to see her beautiful face was daddy.. they have something special.

Monday, February 2, 2009

guess whatttt work buddies???

Little Miss Brynlee and I will be there tomorrow to visit. :] BE EXCITED!