Thursday, August 28, 2008

thankful thursday...

i'm thankful for my car.
it gets me from point a to point b. haha

cute little white corolla S. i love you.

i don't feel good today or i'd probably write more.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


so, nick and i went to one man band for breakfast on
saturday morning and i nicely ask nick "what do you want to drink hunny?"
he says "orange juice" so i get up and get him
some orange juice.
no big deal right??
hahaha.. so i bring the orange juice back and w
e're just sitting
waiting for our buzzer to BuZzZ
when i look over at nick's orange juice and what do i see???

that's right!
it's a heart in his orange juice!
that's truuuue love right there!
needless to say, i got quite a few weird looks
standing up in the middle of the restaurant
taking a picture of a cup of juice.
but i don't mind
i thought it was really cool and like c'mon, how often does that
really happen???


i think i'm showing..
haha, i thought i'd be more excited about it! lol i don't wanna get FATTER! geeeez. haha... all i know is that this morning i woke up and had a big belly. haha.. maybe i'm just bloated or something but i dunno... nick says "you're shooooowiiiiing"
haha.. HE'S excited.

i guess it's not soo bad. it's pretty cute. hahaha.. :] i always say i want a little belly.

i would put up a picture but my camera is being ridiculous. i know that the batteries are not old but it still tells me "replace batteries" and turns itself off!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


i can feel my baby moving!!
it's weird and amazing and weird!
hahaha.. it's awesome!

thankful thursday...

today is THURSDAY..
haha, i'm thankful for thoughtful people.
this one seems a little bit weird but i'll explain why..

yesterday, i had a headache and it was awful!
i was talking to one of my friends about it and she truly seemed to care
that i wasn't feeling well. she even sounded a bit worried.
she was being thoughtful.

also, yesterday, nick came to pick me up from work and
he comes a little
early every time and just sits to wait for me to be done working.
yesterday was a bit different.
he brought me flowers!

one PINK rose and two PINK carnations.
i said "whhhyy??" cuz i was shocked.
nick said "just because it's wednesday."
awww oh my gosh.
he was being thoughtful.

yesterday, before i left work, i took one last call
i wasn't too excited about it.. haha.
i wanted to get outta there!
BUT i did it anyway.
the guy that i was talking to really made my night though.
he said some really nice things like "you sound like you've got a good head on your shoulders"
"you really sound smart and you know what you're talking about"
just a few things that probably meant nothing
to him but they sure made me feel great!
i really appreciate it when someone doesn't think
i'm "reading a script"
i really was trying hard to address this guy's every concern.
it wasn't rehearsed at all. and it was a great call.
he was being thoughtful.

i know these are just small insignificant acts
but they meant a lot to me.

i'm really thankful for thoughtful people.

Monday, August 18, 2008

i'm obsessed.

well.. it's true.
ever since we got the ultrasound at the doctor
i haven't stopped thinking about having a DAUGHTER
it really blows my mind.
haha..i can't even begin to think about how much
my life is going to change.
nick is really excited and so dang cute..
i'm really thankful to have him. he's being great.

while i was getting the ultrasound, they recorded it and
i have it on a DVD.
FYI i've watched it like 10 times. in four days.
it's amazing!
it's 11 minutes long and has no sound
but i've never been more entertained in my whole life.
i could watch it over and over.

i don't know how to explain this feeling
BUT it's crazy.
i've never been so scared and happy and excited
and anxious all at once. haha
i'm not really sure what i'm doing.
i don't know how to "take care" of a baby...
i'm really nervous. haha..
i've got awhile before i have to worry about changing diapers
but that doesn't make it any easier for me.

everyone says it's "motherly instinct"
"i'll just know"
but i dunno.. i'm a lotta bit worried about it.

WELL enough of this nonsense blog for the day.
just thinking out loud i guess...

Friday, August 15, 2008

think i'll ever get it right??

haha.. today is thankful friday for me.
since i can never seem to catch THURSDAY!
geezzz.. welllllllll
today i'm thankful for........

cute girl skirts!

and cute girl shirts!

and cute pink bowssss!

you wanna know WHYYY???
OH! well it's because i'm having a baby GIRL!!
yayy yay yay!
i'm so excited to dress her up!
her name is....
Brynnlie Cielle Eaquinto
and i already love her with my WHOLE heart.

i can't wait to meet you sweetie!

Friday, August 8, 2008

i forgot again..

for myy thankful friday,
i want to say, i'm so very thankful for having this amazing
guy in my life.

he makes me so happy.
he treats me like a princess even when i'm not acting like one.
being pregnant has been rough on me and
he has been behind me, holding me up when i thought i wasn't gonna make it 100%.

whether he's holding my hair back or kissing me goodnight
his attitude always helps put me in a better mood.

i can't wait to see him play with our beautiful baby.
i know he's going to be a great dad and a great husband.

he's so excited to feel the baby kick or move.
he lays on my belly just to see if he can "hear the heartbeat"
haha.. he never can but it's so dang cute.

i'm 15 weeks and one day pregnant.
we find out what the baby is in 6 days.
august 14th.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i'm getting excited!

soo.. the time is getting closer and closer to find out what
my little baby is and well... i'll be honest.
i think it's a girl.
i've had no amazing signs or anything like that

i just think, it'll be a girl and geez.. i couldn't be happier! haha

how cute.
a little girl.

if it is a girl, i can't wait to start making cute little headbands with flowers

or buying cute little dresses.

of course, i'm a little sad that i'm not gonna be able to get many sneakers
for HER but, oh well.. that can wait til we have a boy.

aww.. i'm just so excited. boy or girl i just can't wait!
we'll just have to see!
i go to the doctor to find out what it is in 8 days!
next thursday
we will know!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

my simple request.

soo.. will the crazy person who voted "twins" on my survey please pick a gender! hahaha
the "twinnns" was a joke and if you want me to have twins? i'll kill you. :]
ha. just kidding, a little pregnancy humor.
really tho! i wanna know what you think is your guess a boy or a girl?
i like to see what everyone thinks.
haha.. boy is winning for sure but....
to be honest
i think it'll be a girl.


2nd doctors appointment.

today nick and i went to the second doctors appointment and it was great.
nothing special just a "check up" i guess.
my doctor is funny and i'm glad i picked him.
i think he's going to make things easier when they start to get difficult.

the nurse came in and was finding the baby's heartbeat,
and she said "sounds great" and i said "what is it" and she said "150"
and nick said "IT WENT DOWN! IT'S A BOY!" hahaha.. she just laughed but yeah, last time it was 164 and this time it was 150
and he's going by the old wives tale of a lower heart beat means it's a boy haha.

well, we'll see..
i go in to find out what it is NEXT WEEK!

if you're not as excited as i am, you're crazy!! :]
just kiddin. i'm super stoked!
i bet no one else could be as excited as i am! haha

Friday, August 1, 2008

oh ma gosh!

hahaha..i forgot thankful thursday!

for thankful FRIDAY
i wanna say i'm very thankful for....

myy family.
i couldn't ask for a better or more supportive family.
thanks so much you guys for always being there for me.