Friday, May 30, 2008


dave is freaking leaving!
he is gooooone after today!

oh snap.
i'm rude.
oh well.

hi hi hi

hi everyone. :] how are you? i'm fine thanks!
i'm bored, but feeling fine.
i've been a little sick lately but nothing too extreme, when i take nick to work at
i have to take a piece of bread with me to get something in myy tummy
so that i don't get sickyy.
other than that, i'm feeling mighty fine.

nick is real excited about this baby in myy tummy! :] haha.. i'm super happy about that!
ya know what??
my whole family is WAYYY excited!
that makes everything a lot easier on both of us.

hahaha... would you like to hear how we told myy parents??

well.. i had this idea as i'm getting off work so i pick up nick and we head to wal-mart,
while we were there, i got two small bags, a pink one and a blue one and we got tissue paper to make it all cute,
then, we bought one baby bib that says "i love grandpa" and another one that says
"i love grandma"
how cute!
we put them in the bags and made them all cute and then drove home, i walked in the house
and they were in the kitchen so i gave my dad the blue one with his
bib in it and nick gave the pink one to jessica (my step mom)

ps. he was wayyy scared and he didn't wanna do it
but he was a trooper so i compromised and told him he didn't have to hand the blue bag to myy father!

well myy dad looked in the bag and said "who's this for?"
hahaha.. silly dad.

anyway, everyone is really excited and
being really helpful!

i'm really excited for an adorable baby boy or girl!

nick's gonna be a little daddy!
how cute!

ahh i just can't wait!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WELL. i'm pregnant.

and we couldn't be happier.
we're very excited.
:) :) :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

i've been taggeddd.

How to play this game of tag. Post these rules on your blog.
List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

3 Joys...

1. doing anythingg fun with nicholas.
2. playying with myy favorite babyy hayden brooks.
3. music.

3 Fears...

1. losing anyy familyy member.
2. not having enough moneyy.
3. getting divorced.

3 Goals...

1. spend less money.
2. travel anyywhere.
3. get into a nice apartment (still living financially comfortable)

3 current obsessions/collections...

1. finding a place to live.
2. going to dinner.
3. hayden brooks.

3 random surprising facts about yourself...

1. i have a pounding headache everyday.
2. i'm chopping myy hair off soon.
3. i want to get married. (surprising right??)

I'm tagging...

i have no more blog friends. i can't tag anyone else haha..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

random bloggg

how does taco friend sound for lunch?
i thought so too.

la la la la la la la..
bored bored bored at work.

haha.. so walking into work today i see this guy walking on the sidewalk ahead of me and i think to myself "do i look up and smile? look up and say hi or completely just leave myy head down?"
well, i decide to look up and smile but instead of getting a smile back i get this total
creeper look from him and all i can think is ew ew ew..
sick old man.

i don't know about you but i think this weather suckkkks.
it's just awful.

ooooh man.. i just hurt myy finger so freakin bad.
i'm reaching in myy pocket to get my mangled old key card and it happens to have
staples in it holding it togther.
as i'm reaching into myy pocket, one of those staples goes underneith (spelling?) myy finger nail
and JABS me until myy finger is dripping with blood.
ouch if you ask me.
freakin ouch.
haha.. all better now tho.
dumb key card.

i jump around a lot.. myy thoughts are all crazy
haha. oh well.

jake posted a new blog.
tah tah for now.
lets go check it out!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the living situation.

well.. living with myy parents is killing nick and i.. this sucks. blahhh.. we want to move into these ADORABLE apartments in orem called Oakhurst. ahh..

i know that the pictures do no justice. haha.. but their cute.

ahhh.. they're perfect.
we've already started to get the stuff for the living room and dining area..
we're decorating in all african stuff! ahh.. it's gonna rock!

i just can't wait! i hope we get approved and get everything taken care of soon!
ughhh.. the worst part of all you ask???
stupid nick..
we have to wait until after his court date.
damn him for being a trouble maker.

cross your fingers
and toes

Friday, May 16, 2008

bored at workk blogging.

tonight is the vivster's birthday dinner. only, no boys allowed.. haha.. poor nicky poo. it's okay.
aw man, nicholas is sicky! we can't tell if it's allergies or a cold.. who knows but it's sad. poor guy. i gotta get him some medicine.

i missed most of grey's :( damn.. it was good at the end tho. dangit. i'm really sad i missed it!

*side note* i just ripped a hang nail off of myy finger and it killed! dangggg..

well.. this morning, i went to get a pedicure! FUN! myy little toes are just adorable!
i did a cool color! it's almost black but it has a sparklyy red tone to it! cute! annnnd i got the cutest little flower on em too!
i would put a picture up but, i took it and it doesn't look very good. heh.. does the cuteness no justice. hmmph.

soooo one of myy good buddies is getting married soon. wanna know when?? 06/07/08 HOW CUTE! :)
her name is shelbyy and she reads myy blog. i figure i better give her a shout out! love ya shelbs.

(myy finger still hurts)

sooo i'm drinking this delicious amp drink. it's new. and delicious.

it's the orange one.
just thought i'd share.

i'm not sure what else to "blog" about..
this was a boring one.
thanks for stickin' through the whole thing.
you're a true friend

Thursday, May 15, 2008

nickk says hi.

oh. byy the wayy.
nick says hi to everyone. he'll never blog, don't get your hopes up
he says hi

things that should go..

this is myy "things that should go" list.. for today. :)

  • having to wake up at six to take nickk to work.
  • when i have to say "how are you doin?" when i can tell the customer is upset and they're gonna say "i'm bad!"
  • my dirtyy car.
  • my unwillingness to clean myy dirtyy car.
  • dave.
  • the fact that myy parents royally screwed me on myy taxes. thanks guys.
  • myy need for mini eggs.
  • customers that could answer their own questions but insist on calling and wasting myy day away.
  • myy myspace when i have no messages or anything
  • myy blog. no one reads it anyway..i have no friends haha
  • me being a whiner face :) haha
  • dave. again. ya.. he's got to go
  • car sales men.
welp.. that's myy list for the day. not much but eh.. i blogged. it's good enough for me.
maybe i'll add to it if i feel the need.

love you all.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

hmmm.. baby??

well.. lately, i've been feeling kind of sickk.. a different sick, a little weird. i took a pregnancy test and it came back negative which is fine. but yesterday i started feeling awful.. almost like heartburn, cramps and nausea all mixed together. i decided, if i really am pregnant and the home test didn't "pick it up", this can't be a good sign. as soon as i got off work, nick and i went to the hospital to get a blood test done. they put the iv in and shot me up with some phenagrin (spelling??) so my nausea would stop.. that just made me feel all drunk and dizzy.. i fell right to sleep until the doctor came in telling me that the pregnancy test came back negative.. again, that's fine.. i'm okay with that.. but what the heck is wrong with me?? i feel so yuckyy i just don't know what's wrong.. blahhhh.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


ughh.. so this workk business is really gettin to me. i really just wish that i could have an earlier shift at the most. i can't stand working til seven. it's awful and if i were to really get what i wanted, i'd be outta the customer service team and on to different things. i'm over it here.. i just want to do something else while still working for Doba. it's a great company and i've loved every minute of it but i just hate the way customers are.. in one word?
end of story.

on a lighter note
nick and i had a good night.. went to the att store to get him a new phone and get this, we walk in, tell the sales guy that he needs a new phone and he says "oh, here's the cheapest one we have" whhhhat?? who said ANYTHING about cheap?? seriouslyy tho it's gotta be cuz he's blackk.. what a jerk sales man.. nickk ended up getting a not so cheap phone just to shove it in the sales guys face.. just to show him that blackk guys aren't poor. haha..

ohhh snap!
i ate some delicious otter pops last night AND (meagen, i know you'll appreciate this one!) i found a whole bag of cadbury mini eggs!
yesss! i am in loooove with them

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the zoo.

heyy. so sunday, nick, myy little brother cayden and i went to the zoo. it was fun! it was such an amazing dayy i just could not stayy in the house. well we got ready and started heading up there, we stopped to pick up cayden and then went to micky d's to feed our faces! after that we got right on the freeway and started to head up there.

dang! the zoo is hard to find! we just drove and drove and drove and then i finally freaked out and got off the freeway because i'm terrified of getting lost in salt lake and i didn't want to just keep driving into no where. we got off and nick was trying to be "mister directions" and was trying to tell me where to go even though he had no idea either! haha.. well, to make matters worse, he was blaring his ridiculous music and it was driving me nuts so i turned it down and i guess i did it with a little "attitude" and he said "why are you mad?" haha.. i said "i'm not mad i just don't want to listen to your dumb music!!" only technically i didn't "say" it. ANYWAY we ended up pulling up to a gas station and asking for directions turns out that we were like, two streets away from the damn zoo.. no need for my fit that i threw.

we made it to the zoo just fine and the day was great from there! the animals were pretty playful.. other than the cats.. i'm sure they were pretty hot in their winter coats an all. the monkeyys were fun EXCEPT

this sickk little guy pooped in his hand and ATE IT eww ew. ew.
i felt really bad for him tho.. he was eating paper, and his own poop, he can't be normal? why aren't they giving him FOOD?? i'm sad about it but, i guess there isn't much that i can do about it.

all in all, the day was great. i loved being able to hang out with myy best friend and myy favorite little brother ;]

i'm ready for myy close up whitleyy

happy feet!!

do you measure up??

myy color.

i was looking on a co-workers blog and found this cool little "survey". well, i took it myself and these are the answers i got. i think it's pretty cool and i feel like it's almost exactlyy right. haha.. i'm new at this so i guess i don't have much else to blog about yet.

Color: So, I see that you picked the color Baby Blue, very interesting. Your selection of Baby Blue typifies a “Caregiver” brand personality. This means that your deepest desire is to protect people from harm and your outlook on life involves serving others in a caring and compassionate way. You’ve got a heart of gold and are willing to sell it to feed the poor—what are you doing in marketing?

Hero: Your choice of Oprah Winfrey as a role model was especially interesting. Using our complex interpretative skills, this means you admire “Sage” type of individuals and most likely picture yourself in the same category. This means that your primary strategy in life is to seek out internal change through exploration of the human mind and spirit. You often are thought of as self-reflective and might subscribe to a number of spiritual truths.

Movie: Your selection of Three Amigos indicates that, while relaxing, you display “Jester” traits. A proper translation informs me that your primary goal in life is to live merry and help others to do the same. Your unexpected outlook on life leads to creative solutions to life’s problems.

Transport: What kind of person are you behind the wheel? Well, your selection of BMW M3 says you should own a bumper sticker saying “Honk if you’ re a ‘Lover’.” This means that the gifts you offer those around you are passion, gratitude, and commitment. You’re wonderfully appreciative of those around you and the love that you have for the world oozes out of you like raspberry filling in a glazed doughnut.

Snack: Yummm… your selection of Beef Jerky means you’ve got great taste in vending machine cuisine. It also means that you are most like an “Outlaw” brand personality. This means that in addition to your snack of choice, you might also enjoy reading Rolling Stone Magazine, drinking expired milk, dating a former inmate, all while riding cross-country on your Harley-Davidson.

So, overall you seem like a well-intentioned and well-rounded person. Your mother or parental guardian should be proud.


first blog ever?! sweet. :) welp. this is us! cute huh!?