Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i gotttt

a new tattoo.. i can't get a good picture of it so sorry BUT hey, that gives us all the more reason to hang out. you can see it in person that way! :]

the guy said "you did good........ for a minute" hahaha.. oh you mean i'm supposed to just LOVE the feeling of needles shooting into my skin??! man, i missed the memo. anyway, it took like 5 minutes TOPS... it's cool. it's Brynlee's birthdate in roman numerals. mmhm. i'm a bad a. lol i'll try to take more pictures to see if out of 100 i at least get one good one.

that's it ^^^^ BUT it's soooo much cooler on me! haha...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


wellll! Brynlee won! She won Pleasant Grove's baby contest. First place in the 4-6 month category.

For the judges she was great but towards the end she was soooo tired and sooo hungry! poor baby! these are the only pictures i got because well... that's about all she could handle and it's obvious that she didn't "handle" it well. haha..

we get to be in the parade on saturday! yayyy! come see us! :]

Brynlee got a little trophy

i love you baby! i'm so proud of you!!!!

don't worry!

nobody fret!

i figured it out... first off, i was wrong. it's ix-nay not ex and i googled it (which i could have done yesterday i know..) but i got this "it's nix in pig latin and nix means no." sa weeet i'm smarter.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

welp... thanks Von! ughhh

hahahaha.. now i'm craving cold stone, and sitting here at work there is NOTHING i can do about it. oh well.. maybe just maybe i'll win this fantastic giveaway yumm.. personally i LOVE me some Strawberry Banana Rendezvous. It's strawberry ice cream, with strawberries and bananas and graham cracker crust and white chocolate chips. i always say ex-nay (i know that's pig Latin but can someone tell me what the real word is supposed to be? *red face* =/ ) on the white chocolate i'm not a fan and ask for extra graham cracker crust... oh delish.

Friday, June 12, 2009

juss hangin' out...

at the eye doctor... lol we're just bored.

annnnd that's my purdy baby! :] i looove her she makes my whole world FANTASTIC! ps.. all i say is smiiiile and she does! haha... so cute!

spectacular....i've been tagged. =)

it was her. hahaha... Thanks Miss Kendahl.

THE RULES: Mention who tagged you. Complete the list of 8’s. Tag 8 other people.

1. the work day to be overrr.
2. hangin' out with my bestie this weekend.
3. miss byrnlee sleeping through the night more and more.
4. getting my nails filled [they need it. BAD.] i second this.
5. possibly getting skinny(er) sometime this century.
6. getting new contacts.. i've been sportin' the glasses for too long.

7. hmm.. eating my delish lunch that i brought.
8. PUTTING BRYNLEE BABY IN THE BABY CONTEST! yesssssss! (please remind me not to get too upset if she doesn't win....)

1. bought some new gum. yuuck. mint mojito no bueno.
2. went to my parents for dinner.
3. freakin' bathed brynlee at one in the morning.. (i guess that was today but whateve)
4. jusss worked.
5. wrote a novel comment to paul on von's blog.
6. talked to shannon about her new Bows n Stuff
7. read blogs.
8. myspaced, facebooked.

1. stay home with mah baby.
2. sell my car.
3. get a 4runner.
4. have the will power to workout and diet.
5. get laser eye surgery.
6. be done with my laser hair removal.
7. move to the upstairs of my house.
8. eat lunch RIGHT now.. lol it's only 11:26 though.

1. House.
2. I'm a celebrity get my out of here.
3. So you think you can dance.
4. 1000 Ways To Die.
5. Simpsons.
6. Family guy.
7. Fantasy Factory
8. Chelsea Lately

1. pretty much any Italian.
2. ribssss.
3. wings from wingshak.
4. tots from wingshak.
5. cheesecake.
6. cupcakes.
7. chips.
8. ice cream.

1. Australia
2. Alaska
3. Cabo San Lucas
4. New Zealand
5. New York
6. Florida
7. Niagara Falls
8. tropical islands, like Jamaica or Cayman or Canary
(I just kept every GREAT answer Kendahl said...)

1. Meagen
2. Jayni
3. Lisa
4. Rachelle
5. Sara
6. Von
7. Marquee
8. Jill

Yup. I expect you all to answer! Or I'll hunt you down, do i make myself clear??

ohhh snap, you can tell i'm a mom just from saying that.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

so i'm driving...

and i see this car...ps..i know it's impossible to see. i was trying to drive in mid-day traffic, take a picture and not die.

nothing special right?? wrong... the license plate says

so i'm thinking and thinking to myself what the H does that say!?
ohhhhh!! "you're pretty"....got it! hahaha

thank you little red lexus!
that means so much! you made my day lady! wooo! i hope you guys see her drivin' around and it makes you feel as good as i did.

also, please remember to thank Heavenly Father that i didn't die today. i was driving TERRIBLE! any wreck i would have been in today would have been completely and totally my fault. i apologize... i'm one of those drivers....