Friday, September 26, 2008


as usually i forgot yesterday was thursday. (my days are all off this week) but here we go. ughh... i'm really thankful that we have a place to stay. i don't know what i'd do without my parents helping us out BUT c'monnnnnnnn... we need our own place to live!!!!! why can't we find anywhere to live?!! man.. it's so dang hard and it stresses us both out so much. i know that we can't mooch off my parents forever and especially since the baby is almost here! my heckk... we really need to get a place of our own!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

oh yeahhhh

I forgot it was thankful thursday. This time i'm extremely thankful for my baby girl. she's 21 weeks and 1 days old and she's doing great. Hopefully things will stay great and go well throughout the rest of the pregnancy. I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it if anything were to happen.
I've been having a nervous feeling recently just because of the fact that, Hayvin was 24 weeks. and Also, hearing that news from Jill, knowing that my baby is that old. :( I guess i'm just being nervous Nancy but can you blame me? This is such a scary time of pregnancy, i would have never thought so before, but now, i know it is.. I'm sooo grateful and sooo thankful that everything has been great so far. I can't believe I've been blessed with a baby. I'd put her ultra sound pics up if I could ever find a scanner.. haha.. someday.

just call me....

the worst blogger ever mmmkay? haha.. i don't take pictures of anything fun. we don't do anything fun so i never have anything to blog about.. oh well, today i do. and it's a serious touchy subject and it makes me sad.

My best friend's sister in law just had her baby on Monday night. Supposed to be a great, wonderful, happy time right?? Wrong. She was only 24 weeks and 4 days (just barely 6 months). The baby came out 1 pound 9 ounces and that's sooo small. I really can't even picture it. I just can't imagine what's going through the parents head. Just worry and stress about their baby girl I guess. Her name is Hayvin Brooke and she's beautiful. My best friend shared a picture with me but of course, this is a private situation so I won't post the picture. Just know that she's sooo tiny but so beautiful. They have her in the Nenonatal Intensive Care Unit at U of U hospital. I can't pray for her anymore than I am now, so I'm just asking for your help. I know you don't know her but it's not hard to say a small prayer if you can. I would appreciate it so much and I know that Hayvin would too. She's got a long struggle ahead of her but she's got plenty of support and prayers coming her way. Hopefully she'll continue to get better and soon she'll be a healthy baby girl and can come home!

Friday, September 12, 2008


You stay up for 16 hours.

He stays up for days on end.

You take a warm shower to help you wake up.

He goes days or weeks without running water.

You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.

He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.

You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.

He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.

You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.

He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.

You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.

He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists.


You complain about how hot it is.

He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow.

You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong.

He doesn't get to eat today.

Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes.

He wears the same things for weeks, but makes sure his weapons are clean.

You go to the mall and get your hair redone.

He doesn't have time to brush his teeth today.

You're angry because your class ran 5 minutes over.

He's told he will be held over an extra 2 months.

You call your girlfriend and set a date for tonight.

He waits for the mail to see if there is a letter from home.

You hug and kiss your girlfriend, like you do everyday.

He holds his letter close and smells his love's perfume.

You roll your eyes as a baby cries.

He gets a letter with pictures of his new child, and wonders if they'll ever meet.

You criticize your government, and say that war never solves anything.

He sees the innocent tortured and killed by their own people and remembers why he is fighting.

You hear the jokes about the war, and make fun of men like him.

He hears the gunfire, bombs and screams of the wounded.

You see only what the media wants you to see.

He sees the broken bodies lying around him.

You are asked to go to the store by your parents. You don't.

He does exactly what he is told even if it puts his life in danger.

You stay at home and watch TV.

He takes whatever time he is given to call, write home, sleep, and eat.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

i'm VERY thankful

Today is a special thankful Thursday..
Today I just want to say that I'm extremely thankful for not having to be directly
involved with the destruction that hap
pened on
September 11th, 2001.

No one in my family was involved nor had any direct connections
with the tragedies.
It was a terrible day for all of us but I'm extremely
sorry for anyone who had to go through that heartbreak.

I found this poem and I like it alot.

Angel's Working Overtime

We couldn't believe the hatred they had, the actions they took made the World so sad.

They thought it would break the American Pride, little did they kno
w we hold it deep inside.

Thinking of all who died made the World so blue, but rest assured, God gave them a job to do.

They have new titles than they had with us, they are now called Angels, nothing less.

They were Angels all along given to you as a gift, now they are everywhere, helping our spirits lift.

An Angel, God is always sending, cause the
human heart always needs mending.

They are running around sending Hope, Peace and Love. All of God's messages from above.

I know they will give you a little sign, telling you they are now Angel's Working

The World Trade Center
The Pentagon
American Airlines Flt 11
United Airlines Flt 175
United Airlines Flt 93
New York City Fire Department
Port Authority Police Department
New York City Police Department
For anyone experiencing a personal loss;
this day will never be far from our thoughts and memories.
This is to honor the brave, gifted and precious lives that were lost.

Monday, September 8, 2008

my 20 week appointment!

my 20 week appointment is today and i'm so excited!!
i get to see my baby girl do tricks for me!
she likes to show off for the ultrasound tech!
she gets real excited when she comes around.
haha.. maybe she's mad and doesn't like it at all
all i know is that she goes crazy in my belly!

i have a request!!
if anyone has a scanner that i can use
that would be MARVELOUS!
please let me know!!
i only have a billion ultrasound pictures that no one can see
because they aren't up here!
i can't get them up here without a scanner dangit!
help me out friends!
i know that you'd love to see them!
they're just plain adorable.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

myy belly...

is growing.

don't mind that i'm in the bathroom at work.. haha
i love my little baby and my little belly.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


well! i go in for my TWENTY week ultrasound on monday!
crazy right??
i know that everyone reading this can think back to when
i was only barely pregnant! haha
now i'm almost half way done???
it's weird to think about.

i can't wait!! i get to see her again and it's the best!
i love to see her roll around and kick her legs!
even though i can't feel it as much
as i'd like to
i love to be able to see it on the screen!

this ultrasound is the BIG, important one.
they measure everything and make sure she's
doing well.
i'm anxious to make sure she's doing well
i want to make sure everything is going good
this has been the most amazing, life changing
experience ever. i can't wait to see what
parenthood has in store for nick and I!
haha.. hopefully a GREAT baby!
i mean c'mon... i've already had a tough pregnancy!
can't i just have a good little baby!!??
hahaha... we'll see.

the only thing i'm sad about is this is the
last ultrasound...
no more after this unless i want to pay
the person at the mall...
nahh probably not. they're too expensive
for myy blood!

i don't know.. maybe i'll get really anxious to see
her again. another one of those
"we'll see" situations.