Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i'm sorrrrry.

it's probably obvious but i didn't take many pictures. haha... here's how the day went, we went boating for about 4-5 hours. (yes, i'm fried).

siiick! if you look close enough, i've got food in my teeth! ohh... my. gross.

nick and tyler on the tube.

when we got back, we showered and got ready really quick. We went to get Brynlee from grandma and grandpa's... we then flew up to Texas Roadhouse and waited a little while, not too long. Well, we got stuck in the back by five thousand other people. It was so packed, they added tables to the booths so that more people could sit at one table, well... we got situated.
Brynlee was fine.....for a minute.....

dinner came and it was good, but we took turns eating because Brynlee wasn't happy to be there. lol. THEN they came to sing to the table next to us.. ya know, happy birthday, the whole deal.. well if you've ever heard that, at the end they say
Brynlee cried her little eyes out!!!! she's such a scaredy baby.. she gets scared about everything.. well, as she cried it made everyone feel bad so we decided they probably shouldn't come and YEEHAW our way.. so we said no to that... *sniff sniff* it was my birthday.. i wanted that to happen and get my ice cream but i wasn't willing to do that to my Brynlee again... :]

anyway, after that (9 o' freakin' clock) we headed to my mom's, dropped Brynlee off and then we headed to a party.. it was really fun but some chick was hittin' on my man ALL NIGHT LONG! who IS this girl?! well... i was feeling particularly nice so she didn't get beat up.. BUT she did get a talkin' to.. she denied it. whateve. i know my man's hot. lol. my bestie was there and wanted to kill her more than i did.. haha.. what are friends for. :] OH oh OH! and this girl already had a boyfriend....

i told him that he could do better than that.. no one wants a girlfriend who's hitting on other guys.

little tramp

haha.. all in all, it was a good night. happy birthday to me.

sorry for the lame post. it's better than nothing right??

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Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Sounds like you had an eventful birthday...and you bathing suit looks cute from what I see! ;)

PS I didn't know you were in to country...until I heard your playlist!