Monday, October 5, 2009

just an update.. cuz i'm a bad blogger.

who's excited to see Brynlee in her halloween costume??
ahhh.. it's so cute! In fact, it's so cute that i can't even find a picture online! gosh!
well, we got it at toys r us and it's adorable! bet cha can't guess what she's going to be!??

well.... i'll tell you..

she's going to be a COW!
and it's so freakin' cute! haha.. i can't wait to take pictures of her in it!

oh she's my favorite!

she's getting bigger and bigger each day!
and she can do new tricks every time i come home from work, i swear!

she's pulling herself up on things now. it's crazy.
she's so CUTE!

here she is with dad, checkin' out his new cool phone! :)

SUCH a daddy's girl!

just hangin' out in her bouncer. she's so cute!

Brynlee is 8 months old and she's amazing.

she can:

*say dada
*scream on queue haha..
*kick like a soccer player
*crawl faster than a bolt of lightning!
*pull her flowers off her head band JUST to make mommy mad
*sleep through the night (she's been able to do that for quite awhile)
*clap! and it's so cute!
*stick her tongue out
*understand what "no no" means
*shake her head like "no no" when someone tells her no.
*crawl up one stair but then gets stuck
*cuddle, but only for about 10 seconds at a time
*pull herself up on the couch and the table
*eat whatever you give her! she's a fatty.
*wear size 4 diapers!
*drink from a straw
*bounce SO high in her bouncer

and i'm sure SO much more i just can't list EVERYTHING haha.. she's amazing and i love every second of being a mommy!


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Wow before you know it you will be havin' a kickin' 1st birthday party! =) She has got the cutest smile, and I am excited to see her as a cow!

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

A cow?!? How freaking cute! I can't wait to see pictures.

Lacey said...

Size 4 holy cow... shes gonna have a ghetto booty for sure lol ha ha they are growing up so dang fast!