Friday, December 4, 2009

i miss him.

I miss my grandpa so much it hurts.

I missed him on Thanksgiving.

I'll miss him on Christmas.

I miss him EVERY time I see my dad and realize that he is the only "grandpa" that Brynlee has.

I know I'll miss him when he's not there on my wedding day.

I missed him when my grandma Jana came to visit Brynlee and I in the hospital and he wasn't there.

I'll miss him when I go to all my cousin's highschool graduations and he's not there.
I was blessed enough to have had him at mine. I cried when I saw him. I knew he was proud.

I miss him when we all go up to Temple Square and he's not with us.

I miss him when he's not with us at the family Christmas party.

I'll miss him when he doesn't come to my house on Christmas morning.

I miss him when I look at my uncle Toby who looks just like him.

I miss him when I see the spark gone from his wife Jana's eyes.

I am SO sad that Brynlee will never get to know her Great Grandpa Bud.

I wish that he could see me now.
I'm doing great but I would still love to hear the occasional GREAT advice that he gives.

I just want to hug him again.

I just want to smell him again.

I even want to hear him call me "Whitley Whiner" because that was his nick name for me when I was younger... i was such a whiney brat kid. :)

Today is his birthday.

and I miss him.

I wish I could help my aunt feel better today. He is my grandpa but he is her daddy and she's having a hard day today. I love her with my whole heart. She's my biggest role model and I can't wait to grow up to be just like her.

I'm going to The Christmas Carol at Hale Center Theater tomorrow night and it reminds me SO much of him I could cry. We (the whole family) used to go every year with him and it was the best!


I miss him.

I love you grandpa.

Grandpa Bud and Grandma Jana

Me, My grandpa and my cousin Chace.

My mom Shelly, My aunt Angie and My grandpa.

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Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Oh honey. :( I'm sad for you! I have a grandpa that died and it was like 7 years ago and I still can't look at pictures of him without crying. It doesn't seem to ever get easier. Pretend I'm giving you a 'feel better' hug, k?