Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Nick!

I love you so much sweetheart.
You mean more to me than you'll ever know.
I know that you can't stand when your birthday comes around every year,
but getting older is a part of life and

You make me so happy.
Here is a list of just some of the reasons why I love you.

First and by far the most important,
*you're an amazing daddy and Brynlee loves you SO much.

*you take great care of us.

*you love me even though i'm chubby.

*you try your hardest to make me feel beautiful.

*you're hilarious.

*you are SEXY!

*you dress real cute.

*you always smell great!

*you're tall and i love it.

*you are so passionate about football!

facts about my Nicholas:

*He doesn't like ice in his drinks
and thinks that fast food places put so much ice in their
cups just to save a few bux on soda.

*He doesn't like sweets but when he does get that
random sweet tooth, he can eat like 3 king size candy bars in a row.

*He can eat like a half a quart of ice cream at a time but only if it's mint chocolate chip.

*He will NOT fight with me. haha.. i'm a girl and sometimes I like to argue and he just won't do it.

*WOO! He hates when I call him Nicky. hahaha...

*He loves pitbulls and would never have any other kind of dog.

*He hates that there is a gap in his teeth and HATES this picture because of it.

*It's NO secret, he's the world's most loyal Raiders fan

*He is a big softie ever since that little girl Brynlee has come along!

*He had a ton of fun on vacation with me and my family a few years ago, even though it was FREEZING!

*On that trip, he wreck us on the snowmobile and I went flying over him then over the handle bars and scared me to death. I was fine though.

*We've been to tons of wedding's together but never thought much about our own.

erin's wedding.

shelby's wedding

*He has dated one amazing girl for a long time now...

our very first ^^ picture together!

super old pic. :)

Happy 26th Birthday sweetheart.
Brynlee and I are so extremely blessed to have you in our lives.

xxOxx: Your beautiful baby girl and I.


jayni & ben said...

you are cute!!

little ms. sassy shelby said...

Happy Birthday Nick!!

This post is so cute. You're such a good wifey. I love that picture of you two at my wedding.