Friday, May 13, 2011

Evening Stroll.

It was such a nice night when I got home from work yesterday. I just knew we couldn't stay inside so we quickly ate dinner and went for a walk. It was great. Here are a few pictures of our evening!

First of all we found out Brynlee is obsessed with these.

We even found an entire yard full of them. She wanted to go get some but I'll be honest, I really hate them so I said no. Mean mom, I know.

I really just LOVED how awesome this silhouette looked.

Brynlee helping dad with Koda.

Trying to get a family picture...haha!

We went home and got Brynlee right in a bubble bath!

Clean and Cheesin' :)


Sharley said...

sooooooooooo cute! and i love that silhouette picture! seriously! blow that up an put it on her wall. so sweet! love you!

little ms. sassy shelby said...

She is getting so big and is so cute! I love that you are bloggin' it up. Makes me excited :)