Monday, May 9, 2011

this is gonna be a long one.

I'm trying to clear out the pictures on my cell phone but I don't want to just delete them.
Here we go:

Brynlee and I on a game day. Go Raiders!

Little lady bug for Halloween.

More Halloween Pictures.

Baby girl brushing her teeth. It's seriously her favorite thing to do.

Bearded lady? :) mhm.


Just cute :)

The fortune that was in my cookie while sitting next to Nick. :)

Doin' pretty good.

Jimmy John's.

My 2 year old enjoying an infant swing. ha!

First day of school. Breakfast.

Nick has bigger feet that Ronald McDonald!! Haha!

Flower shaped bruise? Toally Sad! Kinda cool?

Cousin's Baptism.

Brynlee's *blue steel*

Just playing with gramps.

Delicious Marley's! Kid's meal.

Brynlee's SA-WEET Jordan's!!!

Brynlee. :)

Alrrright. I think that's about it. :) If I blogged more often, all these pictures wouldn't get so backed up! haha.. Sorry guys, if you're still with me. LOVE YA!
Have an awesome day!
Until next time!

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Jobi Niu said...

Brynlee is seriously so stinkin cute!! I loved the update. Good job on your grades.. the bearded woman was hilarious!!