Friday, June 27, 2008

feelin better and i'm amazed.

just as the title states, i am feeling better!
if you know me, you know that i have been AWFULLY sick lately, like, can't even keep WATER down kinda sick.
ugh. it's been awful.
but, last night, we went to the hospital
and they filled me up with some drugs and some fluids and now, i feel better!
i must have been just really dehydrated.
even the ice water that they gave me was amazing! haha..
it's pretty hard to make water amazing
it just tasted so good to finally get a good drink down!
the doctor said i'm lookin good and all my numbers look great
i just need to keep eating so that i don't DIE!
haha.. he didn't say die, but close.
he sent me home with some "no puke" medicine
and man, i'im feeling better!

just thought i'd update everyone.
hopefully, the worst is behind me and i'll feel better starting


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