Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i'm a bad blogger.
i never even write!! haha...
well, maybe if i ever had anything interesting to say then i would!

i think as soon as i go to the doctor and
i get some ultra-sound pictures
i'll have more to say
and more to put up!

i'm really excited for my first doctors appointment.
it's not until
july 7th

man that's crazy.. it feels like sooooooo far away but guess what else??
my birthday is in 22 days!
july 3rd be my cake day!
can't wait for that either!
that week, i'm taking the 2nd off work
i get the 3rd off (and paid for) for myyy day!
and the 4th is a paid holiday toooooo!
that makes a FIVE day weekend for meeee!
you are.
OH and i get the Doba truck too!!

1 comment:

Ben & Jayni said...

You are one lucky girl. July is my FAVORITE!! I love the summer and fireworks and ya:)