Monday, October 27, 2008


Doba day is the company's birthday. We all dress up and act crazy and have sooo much fun! it's great! THIS YEAR, doba day rocked! it was sooo much fun! :] tons of green everywhere. tons of delicious goodies to eat! haha...

we played rock band allllll day!

here are a few of the costumes!

gecko kay and miss ashlee

scary punker janus!

scary doba devil.

best buddies jake and cody.

mister clark.

CEO of the company MR. Jeremy Hanks!

This is Ben Doba. hahahah...

miss ashlee and cruella DOBille.

oh and this is me. :]

i was a treasure troll.. :] haha.. my costume wasn't the greatest, it was supposed to have THE hair and all but i just couldn't bring my self to show up to work with my hair sticking STRAIGHT in the air.

lisa and i

everyone had such a good time! haha... it was a blast! what a fun friday! hardly worked at all...that was nice. :] woooo! i'm glad i work for Doba. it's such a great company! i've happily been here for THREE whole years. it's the only job i've ever had.

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NatNat&Jack said...

Girl you look so dang cute! I miss you. when are you not busy?? Your job seems really cool. I've been looking for a new job, you hiring?? luv ya!