Monday, October 20, 2008

funnn stuff!

YAY! on saturday, I went to pick out all the stuff to do my baby shower invitations! Even though my shower isn't until November, last night we put them all together and I must say that they turned out soo cute! i love em. :] haha... i would put a picture up BUT i don't want to spoil the cute surprise!

haha... anyway. i know that I haven't posted ANYTHING for a really long time. i suck. i understand. haha.. well... lets do a quick update.... I had to do my glucose test. :/ I got my results today and the test results were perfectly normal, no gestational diabetes here! wooo!

ummm... friday i had to go to the dentist.... uhh.. AWFUL. i have a terrrrible phobia of the dentist. i'm not just scared, i'm terrified. well since i'm prego i can't have the gas, so that sucked.. i couldn't get "relaxed". the dentist ended up doing a ROOT CANAL and it wasn't too bad until TWO IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh.. i've never felt such awful pain in my whole life. i cried and cried and cried because there was NOTHING i could do.. i took some tylenol (cuz that's all i can take) but seriously? that did nothing.. dangit. it sucked.

umm... OH also, on Saturday, I got my registry all done and taken care of! yay! that was fun too.. haha. i can't WAIT til my shower! awww it's gonna be so much fun! tristity's (my best buddy) shower is this saturday! yay! how fun!! I can't wait. wooo hooo!! well.. i think that's about it.. sorry i don't ever put pictures up.. that's gonna be a goal of mine. MORE pictures. i'll work on it. asap. i swear.

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NatNat&Jack said...

I can't wait to come!