Monday, December 8, 2008

on saturday!! (warning.. super long blog. tons of pictures)

I had a pretty good weekend! Went to dinner with some friends on Friday, she's about to pop! more than me! hahah... anyway, after that we went over to some other friends to visit with the new baby!!! i just love her. :) i'm kinda sick so i couldn't hold her or anything.. I didn't want get her sicky.

Then on Saturday, i woke up, took a shower but didn't really feel like getting ready, haha.. i ended up going down to my grandma's looking TERRIBLE but oh well.. we had fun! we made gingerbread TRAINS! they turned out so dang cute! but i'll tell you what, they were NOT easy haha.. i was wayy too involved in making my train perfect to get any pictures, and i apologize. ha, i'll go home and take one of the finished product!

After we were done we ate some pizza *whisper voice* (that wasn't very good..) I'm definitely not a fan of tons of "stuff" on my pizza and it was a meatlovers with stuffed crust. gross. oh well... i ate one slice. ANYWAY!

After thaaat, we went to The Festival of Trees! ohhh man! it was fun. haha.. i must say, the trees were amazing but i didn't get too many pictures, there was just way to many people. *click on the pictures to make them bigger!! they're so much cooler!*

This is the super cool grinch tree!

I think my favorite part was definitely the gingerbread houses! I got tons of pictures of those!!

some of the pictures didn't turn out so well, it was hard to walk in a single file line, trying to look at the houses annnd take pictures. I did my best. :)

Oh my GOSH!! this one was by far my favorite!!! I just looooove it! CANDYLAND!!!

I'm really sad that this one didn't turn out well, It's a pond with bugs and cute plants! Super cute!!

An African one!!!

just a good ol' traditional one.

the 5 1/2 foot castle!!

After all the fun at the festival of trees, we were starving! We went to Chick-fil-a!!!! yuuumo! that's probably my favorite fast food place EVER!! :)

Then when we were all stuffed with chicken nuggets and criss cross fries, we headed down to Thanksgiving Point to see the lights!


What a GREAT christmas, fun filled day!!! :) I had such a good time!

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LindaW said...

Um... I love all of the Ginger Bread Houses. They are so cute. I wish I had a whole city of them. :) I just love little tiny cities, little tiny houses and little tiny people (oh and little babies). LOL. Where did you see those? I want to go. :) Thanks for the fun pics, I don't know if I could endure all of the slow driving. Sitting isn't my favorite right now. I am sure you know what I mean. But it looks fun. Oh and I love that ou have the chipmunks on your music player. Clark hates them, but I love it cause it reminds me of ole times.