Wednesday, December 17, 2008

34 weeks!!!!

baby Brynlee has bulked up like the average cantaloupe -- to about 4 3/4 pounds. (Length: almost 18 inches, head to heel.)

18 inches!?? that's big! haha.. i can't help but think she's in there stretching COMPLETELY out sometimes.. haha. she can dance on my bladder and play the xylophone on my ribs at the same time.. now that's talent. I've got my own little prodigy in there. :] I love her and I can't wait to meet her. It's getting so close!

I've got people making bets that she's going to come early, right on time or really late.. whatever, each person thinks what they want. haha. i guess i don't want her to be really late OR really early but i guess we'll see. Both nick and I were huge babies, so we're expecting Byrnlee to be pretty big. I talked with my doctor and he says we'll start keeping tracking of how big she's getting and if necessary, he will induce me early so that she doesn't get HUGE. I really don't think i want to have a c-section and if she is TOO big, i would have to. Hopefully things continue to go well, I've definitely had a very healthy pregnancy. *KNOCK ON WOOD* I haven't had to go through any stress with gestational diabetes, I haven't had any high blood pressure issues. My weight has been right on track.. I guess someone thought i had suffered enough in the beginning remember this? haha. I do. Anyway, I can't wait to meet my baby. I just want to see her pretty face!!

Oh... and if you would please, don't ask me if i'm "ready" hahaha... no, the crib isn't set up. no, the dresser isn't put together. no, I don't have a bassinet, car seat, stroller, swing....anything. no, her room is not cleaned, it's still a complete mess! so NO, i'm not ready... hahah.. it's just been wayyy too busy lately! seriously! who can do anything around the holidays?? i'm way too busy with family Christmas parties, work Christmas parties, shopping.. just everything. it stresses me out to think that i'm not ready and she could be here soon.. hopefully she'll be nice to her parents and just stay in there a bit longer so we can get everything ready for her GRAND ARRIVAL!

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Lacey said...

Me and Colt were both huge babies too so im terrified to think of how big she will be. I especially dont want a c section! Hopefully we will get good healthy no bigger than 8lb babies lol