Thursday, May 14, 2009

ice cream anyone??

We stopped at Taco Amigo last night to get me an ice cream.. mmm.. i could live off of their ice cream. ANYWAY. we got home and i was giving brynlee some! haha.. so cute!



she loved it. :]

well, nick put brynlee down and i'm just sitting eating my ice cream when BAM i get this in my face!

lol.. i still had my camera in my hand so i managed to get some shots in before i was covered with ice cream.

he's having a great time with this.. lol if only you could hear me screaming!! i did NOT want ice cream all over my face when, it could be in mah belly!

the end result.. :[ i think i was crying. haha..

it doesn't look that bad but it totally is.. ughhhh.. i was so sad!

oh wait!

i got my ice cream back.. haha.. and i ate it. who doesn't like their ice cream with a little FACE on it! haha..

1 comment:

Christa said...

whitley i love your bum...haha