Friday, May 15, 2009

my sammy's review!!

how cute is this place?!! ahh!! and so amazing! the menu is short and to the point! haha.. it's such a tiny place so it gets crowded really quickly but it's soo worth it! i got a "make your own" burger and it was great! check out that burger!! i got bacon, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo! haha.. delish

now obviously, you can get whatever you'd like. It's all amazing. I didn't get a picture of the fries but they were awesome too! they have seasoned fries and sweet potato fries! both were sooo good! their fry sauce is a bit like red robin's, ya know the whole fry sauce made with bbq sauce.. it wasn't bad at all.

the girls that work there are super nice! and so cute! :] thanks for being so fun girls! haha.

dun dun dun DAAA the grand finale???

the amazing shakes they make!! wow double wow! they put some ice cream in first and then what??? you'll never guess! A WHOLE PIECE OF PIE! amazing right???? well it was! we got the banana cream pie shake and yup, it was fantastic!

the best part??

aww.. how precious.

thanks for taking us jake!! it's my new favorite place!


Meagen said...

Sammy's is pretty tasty!

-nickk and whitleyy- said...

bah haha..meagen! at first i thought you had written "sammy's is pretty TRASHY!" i was like "girl please!" hahahaha

Lisa Lance said...

Someone take me and show me the way!

little ms. sassy shelby said...

Where is this place? I'm interested.