Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today i'm having a GREAT blog stalking day!
Just searchin' around jumping from blog to blog
I've found sooo many great blogs and SO many fun crafts that I'd like to get started on!
I'm diving head first into this "crafting" world.

I'm not one to be too creative but I think I can do it!
I'll do aight.. ;)

My first project is already in the works
and I'll be honest,
it's not nearly as easy as I had convinced myself it was going to be!
(sanding is hard! haha.. maybe i'm doing it wrong!)
dangit! don't cha hate that! haha..

I'll have pictures up soon! Wish me luck with all this!

OH oh OH!
I almost forgot! I'd like to let you know that I got these GREAT
candlesticks for a whopping (wooping, whooping? lol)
TEN dollars!

from this wonderfully, amazing blog Twice Remembered!

anyway, back to me me ME
wish me luck! i'll be doing quite a few blogs about my thrift stores finds
and what I do with them! I'll have to show you the mirror that I got for $15!
another day, another post.
tomorrow I'm sure!

see ya then!

1 comment:

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Dude, I never ever find anything good at the thrift stores. I suck at thrifting. Good luck!