Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ABC's. I've been tagged!

ABC Tag.
A is for age: 19
B is for burger of choice: carls jr. western bacon burger. no cheese please.

C is for the car I drive: '06 toyota corolla.

D is for your dog's name: trio. :]

E is for essential item you use every day: clean undie
s.. haha

F is for favorite TV show at the moment: john and kate plus 8

G is for favorite game: i looove me some rockk band!

H is for home state: born and raised in uuutah.

I is for instruments you play: bah haha.. junior high, i played the CLARINET! haha..that didn't last long at all.

J is for favorite juice: peach orchad punch.

K is for whose bum you'd like to kick: haha.. no ones.

L is for last restaurant at which you ate: umm.. wingers.

M is for your favorite Muppet: i think i'm too young for the muppets..

N is for number of piercings: 4

O is for overnight hospital stays: never.. not yet at least.

P is for people you were with today: nicholas. co-workers.

Q is for what you do with your quiet time: watch tv. just hang out with nick. sleep.

R is for biggest regret: i only have one. but... it's personal.

S is for status: happilyy taken for the past 2 years.

T is for time you woke up today: well, the first time i woke up, it was 4 in the morning, i took nick to work and then went back to bed and got up at 9.

U is for what you consider unique about yourself: i'm left handed?? haha..

V is for vegetable you love: mmm i love all myy vegies!

W is for worst habit: well.. lately, i'm rude to nick a lot. that's a bad habit.

X is for x-rays you've had: teeth. that's all.

Y is for yummy food you ate today: mcdonalds breakfast.

Z is for zodiac: cancer

i tag shelby!

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