Monday, July 21, 2008


so, i'm feeling spectacular EVERYday.. not just once in awhile. it's sooo nice! i love eating! haha.. it's crazy to see how much you take for granted when you're not sick.. lol, being restricted to my bed and the toilet was awful! BUT i'm better now and it feels so great! i can finally get excited for this baby to come!

it's so weird to think that in SIX very short months i'll get to meet my amazing little bundle of joy.
it's weird to think about thanksgiving and christmas and being 10 times the size of a house! haha.

i have an ultra sound picture that i would LOVE to put up here buttt i don't have a scanner so i don't know how to get it up here! everyone at work has seen it.. lol let me know if you haven't! i'll let cha! it's cute! :]

i find out what i'm having soon. about 3 weeks.
that's really exciting!!
i just can't WAIT!
i keep getting mixed signals... sometimes i swear it's a girl and other times i just have no idea! hahah.. i guess i just have no "motherly instinct" cuz, i really have no clue. :]
i guess we'll see soon enough.

don't worry. i'll let you know first thing.

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