Monday, July 28, 2008

myy baby's first picture.

on july 7th 2008, nicholas and i were able to go to our first doctors appointment and meet our baby for the first time!
i heard the heartbeat and it was 164 (which just so happens to be a girl's heartbeat) haha
we also saw the most amazing ultrasound.
the baby moved an
d kicked around.
it was the most amazing feeling ever!

i cried. :]

this is myy baby at 10 weeks.

on august 14th, i'll be 16 weeks along exactly!
i get to find out what my little bundle of joy is at 11:30 am.
boy or girl??
what do you think?
make sure you vote to tell me what you think!
right now, boy is winning!
don't worry, as soon as i find out the whole WORLD will know
you won't be in the dark for long.

i do hope it's a boy though.. that's what we both want
but, to be completely honest i wouldn't mind either way! not one bit!
i just CAN'T WAIT to find out!

man.. everyday i look at adorable baby clothes and shoes and accessories and it's so hard for me because i can't BUY anything!! dang.
just look at these cute shoes i found!

how cute!
haha.. that's nick's favorite brand FYI.
if you've ever met him, he was wearing an ecko shirt!
if it's a boy, these will be my first purchase!

well, that's my update!
i just can't wait, things are getting so exciting!

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