Tuesday, July 22, 2008

twenty thingsss

1) List 20 things you want to say to people, but never will.
2) Don't say who they are.
3) Never discuss it again.

1. i think you're the cutest girl ever! :]
i think you'd be sooo much fun to hang out with!
lets double date or something!

2. i'm sorry that you're so sick all the time. i don't even know you
and i feel bad for you.

3. i think you're a snob and you think you're better than everyone.

4. you too.

5. oh.. and you too!

6. honestly, i hate you and it sucks. you make my life a living hell
but i will NEVER get rid of you.
you lie, you "borrow" and don't return
you'll never be clean.
sometimes i wish you would have just stayed in jail and that's harsh.
i'm sorry but this is all so true.

7. i think you're pretty cool most of the time BUT a lot more of the time, you're a brat.

8. i love you so much and sometimes you don't see it. you're the most amazing person
and i'm so glad to have you. you treat me like a princess and i couldn't ask for anything more
i can't wait to see what an amazing father you're going to be.

9. even though you're so tiny, YOU MAKE ME SO DANG SICK!
haha.. i love you and i can't wait to meet you.

10. you're going to die soon and i feel like it doesn't phase you at all.
you continue to do all the same things you've always done.
I hope sometime soon you'll realize that you need to stop. i know you'll become a better person
because of it. show me you can do it.

11. i think you're a great friend and i'm glad i met you. i hope we'll be
good friends for a long time.

12. geez.. sometimes you make me so crazy. somedays you're nice, others you're so dang rude
i feel like you're PMSing for almost the whole month.
haha.. when you're nice you're awesome though.
love you.

13. you're my number one role model and you have been for quite some time.
i think you're an amazing person and i'm glad to know you.
i know the trials and struggles that you've been through and you've never let it show.
i hope that i can be just like you.
mom, wife, employee, family member.
you're the greatest.

phewww.. this is getting tough.


14. i think you're a great girl and you've grown up quite a bit
right in front of my eyes, i'm happy about the choices you've made.
i hope you stick with it.
i know it won't be easy.
ps. you still drive me nuts though haha

15. i think it's sad that we've grown so far apart.
i don't think i'd even call you a friend and that makes me sad.
i know that nothing will ever change. so.. i live with it.
good luck with everything.

man.. i really can think of any more. 15 is good though..
now, anyone bored enough i want to see what YOU have to say!

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