Wednesday, November 12, 2008

29 weeks!

29 weeks! wow..

Baby is as big as a butternut squash, weightwise -- about 2 1/2 pounds. (Length: a tad over 15 inches, head to heel.)

i don't think there is enough room in there for her. i really don't think she could grow much more and have EITHER of us be comfortable. haha...

man, i'm really starting to get more and more uncomfortable. it's crappy... i'm carrying really low so it makes my everything below my belly button just hurt and ache. no fun. even walking around is a chore.. haha.. i'm such waddler!

my baby shower is this weekend and i'm SO excited! i just can't WAIT!!! :) i know i'll get a lot of pictures so don't worry, i'm sure the next blog will have tons for you to see. i think i'm most excited about the FOOD we'll have! hahaha... i love shower food. mmmmmm...!

man, pregnant during the holidays?? what could be better and worse at the same time??? SERIOUSLY i think i might gain 20 more pounds that i SHOULDN'T gain! hahaha... i just can't help it, all the chocolate oranges

and hot chocolate

and just EVERYTHING!!!

oooooh i can't WAIT!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm....... i'm STARVING now. gosh

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