Monday, November 17, 2008

am i serious??

i sure am.. haha.. dangit. i did not get ONE picture at my baby shower!!!?? i just forgot to grab my camera and not too many other people brought theirs! dangit!

HOWEVER! it was sooooo much fun! tons of great friends, tons of great food!, tons of family!! everything i could have asked for! ohhh and don't forget, great presents!!!

ahh.. it was soo much fun. i'm just so sad we got no pictures. grrr... i'm still kicking myself about that. i loved everything i got and i'm so glad everyone could come!

ya know what else?? It's been two days since my shower and i'm still getting presents! haha... YAY! hmmmmmm... maybe i'll go home tonight and take pictures of everything i got!! yahhhh that's a great idea! okay, tomorrow i'll have pictures!

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