Monday, November 3, 2008

halloween was fun.

we had a fun time visiting friends and hanging out. Nick was the milkman and i was a 50's housewife "having the milkman's baby" :) haha... turned out very cute!

very cute right?? haha... i loved it. i wish we could have went more places to show off how cute it was!

Here are a few other costumes of friends.

Mr. George Dubaya. and My sexy milkman! i think he looks so dang cute!

*woops i'm not looking. still cute. haha... miss trisity looking very witchy! ;)

that's about all.. i'm mean, there were obviously more people with other costumes but i didn't get very many pictures because the house was so dark. but yeah! that's nick and i and our baby Brynlee being a cute little family from the 50's haha...


Meagen said...

You guys look really cute! Post some pictures of your new apartment!

NatNat&Jack said...

That's such a cute idea! You guys look great!

Holli said...

You don't me but i L.o.V.e your guys costumes. Thats all.