Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cute Jeans!

Okay bloggy friends, I have some amazingly cute jeans that i have to sell because, well...lets be honest, i'm kind of FAT and can't fit into them annnd i'm "earning" money to buy a new fancy camera! anyway. here we go

here is the "stock" photo i could find. and i'm going to be completely honest, in my photos, they totally look like girl jeans, in fact, i thought they were girl jeans. i think you'd have to try them on just to see how they fit, anyway here are my photos.

These are the best pictures I could get (because i have a crappy camera, hense the need for a new one!) but they really don't do the jeans justice. If anyone wants to see them in person, let me know. You'll fall in love. I'm selling these Deisel Jeans for $80 they're usually over $150 so, good deal! These have never been worn, and have the tags and all. They are 32 waist and 34 length.


These I actually thought I could get into once so.. the tags are off but I never did get my fat butt into them so they have also never been worn. I can't find a stock photo because the tags aren't on them but these are my photos. They are 32 waist and I don't know for sure but if I had to guess I'd say 33-34 length. They're Seven Jeans and I'll sell them for $65. *sorry for the "32" picture. I couldn't get a good one then, my camera died. :(

There is really nothing wrong with these jeans at all, other than the fact that I really don't know the "gender" of the jeans. Please help me out! I'm really sad to see them go, I was convinced that one day, I'd squeeze into them but...i just don't see that day ever coming.


Meagen said...

Hey girl. Will you bring the Sevens into work? I'd like to try them!

MAC Mom said...

Your post is too funny. I have a stack of 7 jeans in my closet I can't fit into after having a baby. I can't bear to part with them. One day I will fit into them!

MAC Mom said...

The best place I recommend for Eyebrows is Anastasia. You can find their free standing counters at Nordstrom if you live near one. They also sell the kits online. It costs about $30 a little expensive but they do an amazing job.