Monday, April 27, 2009


so this isn't only me trying to win this giveaway this is me expressing my LOOOOOVE for Texas Roadhouse.

where should i start??

the first time we'd ever gone we got the best waiter (but really, all of them are so amazing!) anyway.. he was sooo friendly and just so great! i asked "can i have some regular butter?" because they bring you out the cinnamon butter stuff with your rolls and i'm just not a fan of cinnamon and he says "i'll bring you out some regular butter if you at least try this kind" I thought it was funny so i tried it and sure enough it was good but still i didn't love it.. he was shocked but still brought out the butter for me! haha.. both nick and i ended up loving what we got so it was a great visit all around!

visit number 2....valentines day....dun dun dun....

NOT the best idea but we stuck it out and waited 3 hours to eat... still good, still amazing service but we were tired, hungry and just down right angry! lol nothing bad to say about the resturant at all, it was just soooooo packed! that's our fault. won't happen again.

i think there has been a few visits in between this last one but this last one is most memorable.

Our last visit was not last weekend but the weekend before that. We went for my little sister's birthday and sure enough got another amazing waiter! haha.. he was cute too. nicholas wasn't there so i was allowed to look (and smell!) haha.. he smelled so good! great cologne that man was wearing! anyway he waited patiently while we ordered soooo slowly! and he was really funny too. by the time we were all done eating they came to embarrass my sister. She just turned 14 and is in that "i'm too cool" stage and she was soooo mad when they made her sit on the saddle and everyone yelled YEEEEHAWWWWW for her birthday... hey, she got ice cream out of it. she'll be fine. no scars for life. haha..

all around this is my absolute FAVORITE place to eat! i could go every weekend (if i was spending someone else's money haha) I LOVE TEXAS ROADHOUSE!

another great giveaway from of 3 check it out! If you've never been to Texas Roadhouse, winning this and going for FREE may just be the highlight of your life!

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little ms. sassy shelby said...

ha ha highlight of my life.

I'm glad you figured out how to hyper link things. I was going to write you a post but I see you figured it out :)