Monday, April 13, 2009


dangit!! you guys! i'm so bad at taking pictures!! I guess when you have kids you're supposed to go all camera happy but what is my problem?? I mean i take crazy pictures with my phone but my camera phone isn't the greatest.. grr.. i REALLY need to get in the habit of just whipping out my pretty pink camera and taking pictures of my beautiful baby girl!

That's just about all the pictures i got.. :[ dangit.

Oh well.. i really am going to make it a goal to take more pictures!!!!! I have to!

OH and i'm shouting out to Miss Shelby because I saw her on Saturday was it??? Her and her gorgeous mommy. I'm officially "Nick's Whitley" in their eyes. awww.. how cute! haha.. they also took a peek at my lovely baby girl and it was love at first sight (as usual) haha.. :]

anyway! i hope everyone had a great Easter!! :] We sure did!

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little ms. sassy shelby said...

I love when you shout me out on your blog. It makes my heart grow!