Friday, April 24, 2009

things that must go....

-nicholas not having a car.

-my baby brynlee being so congested!

-my horrible breath right now....ew i know. it's from my kneaders that i had for lunch. mmmm..spectacular. that must never go.

-these crraaa-pay headphones that are attached to my computer and my head right now.
-bills. end of story.

-my ridiculously high car payment..ugh.

-how my face can be oily annnd mega dry at the same time???

-my muffin top. ew.

-speaking of muffin gigantic, humongous, just like a man's appetite.

-my hair. it's boring.

-that last 'thing to go'...i really don't want my hair to go i just need a new do (due? doo? dew?)

-my phone. it is ridiculous. it doesn't hold enough pictures, doesn't text fast enough for my quickie quick fingers and i am sooo over the whole qwerty keyboard fad. ps..qwerty. haha.. that's fun to type.

-my obsession for sub zero.. all it's doing is making that previous 'muffin top' thing STAY.

-my need to just doodle and waste all of my post-its.

-i think i might get killed for this one because really, i'm only saying it because i have no idea about them but *deep breath* *in a high squeaky voice*all the obsession with twilight??? ahhhhhhhhhh.. i knew i shouldn't have said it...!

-my half broken(it's obviously not broken all the way. haha.) computer...c'mon sean i know you can make my computer work again!

-francis working at doba. ugh. i'm embarrassed and he's not even myyy family. i'm sorry jayni. he's awkward. sooo awkward.

-when you get in the car and you're just excited to be off work but your steering wheel is so bloody hot you can't even drive right. yeahh.

-my very expensive trips to the grocery store. ughhh.. that one really can't go. we wouldn't have food if i didn't go to the store but shoot.. maybe i should be more of a penny pincher. *note to self* google 'penny pinching' and work on it.

-the fact that i have every desire in my heart to clean my pigstye house but i really have no time.

-when you walk to the bathroom but forget to grab a tampon.

-me, being pale.

-the pain of laser hair removal. yes, i know it's worth it but does knowing that it's worth it help it not hurt as much? absolutely not.

-just getting paid and thinking "wow, i can't wait til next payday" because all your money is already spent from this payday.

-brynlee's razor fingernails!(even after i clip them) freakin' ouch kid! don't scratch the mama!

-being sore after softball practice (when you literally did nothing) because it just screams "YOU'RE OUT OF SHAAAAAPE".

-every *mmm* single *mmm* bite *mmm* of this damn eclair.

-ohh emm gee! that lady that screeeeamed at me while i was driving. my window was down i'm just cruisin' along and she's like "GET OFF YER PHONE!!!" whoa.. okay lady, i know i know, i'm not supposed to text while i'm driving but sheesh. take a prozac or something. chiiiill out.

-my fear of getting married... that has got to go.

-people who excessively say "i know right?!" the key word is excessively. i'm not trying to call you out valley girls lol i say it too..a little bit.

-when cody makes fun of me for being immature. haha.. what he was talking about was really funny!

-nicholas' puffy hair do (again..due? doo? dew? seriously.) he's got going on. he neeeeds a hair cut.

-the tiny little hint of a headache i have.

-when you already said you would go to the baby shower but now that it's the day, you don't really wanna go.

-the fact that i really want the rest of my sandwich from kneaders but i'm not even remotely hungry.

-this incredibly long post and all of it is me bitching...

-the fact that quite a bit of my 'things to go' are about food or how fat i am..*sighhh* i'm fat.

-people who put the wrong to, (too, two) there, (their, they're) or right (write).

woo.. i think i'm done. haha... have a fantastic weekend bloggy buddies.

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Meagen said...

What is Francis related to Jayni? Your list is funny!