Wednesday, April 1, 2009

heyyy everyone!

i'm back! i'm back at work, i'm back to normal (no more CRAZY hormones, no more huge pregnant belly) i'm back! :] pssst.. i don't know if you know this but guys?!!! I'M A MOMMY!!!!!! it's amazing. i couldn't have asked for a more amazing present! Thank you so much Heavenly Father i'm SO grateful!

When Brynlee was born i was in shock! it was a great experience but it was sooo hard! wow.. haha.. one word? ouch. Also, she was (and still isn't) the happiest baby around.. sometimes she's just sad and fussy and it makes mom sad and cranky! haha.. we took her to the doctor to see if something was wrong but all we were diagnosed with was "a fussy baby" THANKS! haha.. she's a brat like her mommy i guess... well she's cute like me too!

she's growing so fast and it's crazy! haha.. i swear she's so big already! the doctor says she's BIG and TALL just like her daddy.
97% in her height
97% in her weight
her head circumference is in the 50% haha.. tiny head.

she's perfect. her skin is so smooth. her eyes are so big and beautiful. her lips are so tiny and perfect. i love her so much. it's amazing. i can't wait for all you readers (marquee, shelby, jayni, jill... haha.. anyone reading this!) to have babies if you don't already it will be the greatest!

oh and she is sooo boy crazy!! haha.. already?? seriously?! i thought this would be at least 12 or 13 years down the road!! haha.. she LOVES her daddy! so much! and any boy that she comes in contact with! haha.. she smiles SO big for daddy, and grandpa and her uncles! haha.. it's the best!

She doesn't LOVE her bath but she tolerates it.. haha.. she used to HAAAATE them so at least things are getting better because well, she HAS to bath sooo she has to get used to it!

haha.. she's an allllright napper. i wish it was as easy as "she gets tired so she falls asleep" ughhh.. it is SO not that easy??? why is it that she would rather CRY AND CRY AND CRY before letting herself just fall asleep?? i don't get it!


i love her sooo much and i can't wait to watch her grow up!


little ms. sassy shelby said...

Whitley! I love when you blog. She's so dang cute and sounds so sassy already. I wonder where she gets it from? :) Good to hear an update!

NatNat&Jack said...

Whit! she is adorable, I have to come see you guys. I'm so happy for you it's awesome. luv ya!