Tuesday, August 26, 2008


so, nick and i went to one man band for breakfast on
saturday morning and i nicely ask nick "what do you want to drink hunny?"
he says "orange juice" so i get up and get him
some orange juice.
no big deal right??
hahaha.. so i bring the orange juice back and w
e're just sitting
waiting for our buzzer to BuZzZ
when i look over at nick's orange juice and what do i see???

that's right!
it's a heart in his orange juice!
that's truuuue love right there!
needless to say, i got quite a few weird looks
standing up in the middle of the restaurant
taking a picture of a cup of juice.
but i don't mind
i thought it was really cool and like c'mon, how often does that
really happen???


jayni & ben said...

I like it. I would have taken a picture too:)

Clevrwetnoodle said...

Sell this picture on eBay. I'm serious! People LOVE That crap! jk.