Monday, August 18, 2008

i'm obsessed.

well.. it's true.
ever since we got the ultrasound at the doctor
i haven't stopped thinking about having a DAUGHTER
it really blows my mind.
haha..i can't even begin to think about how much
my life is going to change.
nick is really excited and so dang cute..
i'm really thankful to have him. he's being great.

while i was getting the ultrasound, they recorded it and
i have it on a DVD.
FYI i've watched it like 10 times. in four days.
it's amazing!
it's 11 minutes long and has no sound
but i've never been more entertained in my whole life.
i could watch it over and over.

i don't know how to explain this feeling
BUT it's crazy.
i've never been so scared and happy and excited
and anxious all at once. haha
i'm not really sure what i'm doing.
i don't know how to "take care" of a baby...
i'm really nervous. haha..
i've got awhile before i have to worry about changing diapers
but that doesn't make it any easier for me.

everyone says it's "motherly instinct"
"i'll just know"
but i dunno.. i'm a lotta bit worried about it.

WELL enough of this nonsense blog for the day.
just thinking out loud i guess...

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