Monday, August 4, 2008

2nd doctors appointment.

today nick and i went to the second doctors appointment and it was great.
nothing special just a "check up" i guess.
my doctor is funny and i'm glad i picked him.
i think he's going to make things easier when they start to get difficult.

the nurse came in and was finding the baby's heartbeat,
and she said "sounds great" and i said "what is it" and she said "150"
and nick said "IT WENT DOWN! IT'S A BOY!" hahaha.. she just laughed but yeah, last time it was 164 and this time it was 150
and he's going by the old wives tale of a lower heart beat means it's a boy haha.

well, we'll see..
i go in to find out what it is NEXT WEEK!

if you're not as excited as i am, you're crazy!! :]
just kiddin. i'm super stoked!
i bet no one else could be as excited as i am! haha

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