Friday, August 8, 2008

i forgot again..

for myy thankful friday,
i want to say, i'm so very thankful for having this amazing
guy in my life.

he makes me so happy.
he treats me like a princess even when i'm not acting like one.
being pregnant has been rough on me and
he has been behind me, holding me up when i thought i wasn't gonna make it 100%.

whether he's holding my hair back or kissing me goodnight
his attitude always helps put me in a better mood.

i can't wait to see him play with our beautiful baby.
i know he's going to be a great dad and a great husband.

he's so excited to feel the baby kick or move.
he lays on my belly just to see if he can "hear the heartbeat"
haha.. he never can but it's so dang cute.

i'm 15 weeks and one day pregnant.
we find out what the baby is in 6 days.
august 14th.

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