Friday, August 15, 2008

think i'll ever get it right??

haha.. today is thankful friday for me.
since i can never seem to catch THURSDAY!
geezzz.. welllllllll
today i'm thankful for........

cute girl skirts!

and cute girl shirts!

and cute pink bowssss!

you wanna know WHYYY???
OH! well it's because i'm having a baby GIRL!!
yayy yay yay!
i'm so excited to dress her up!
her name is....
Brynnlie Cielle Eaquinto
and i already love her with my WHOLE heart.

i can't wait to meet you sweetie!


Benjamin and Jayni said...

YAY!!! You still sick you are having a baby. But I am happy for you. You will be a cute mom:]

Marquee Halladay said...

k so I totally new it was going to be a girl! super FUN! I am so excited for you.

Clevrwetnoodle said...

don't tell anyone at work... but I totally got teared up when I read this one.