Thursday, August 21, 2008

thankful thursday...

today is THURSDAY..
haha, i'm thankful for thoughtful people.
this one seems a little bit weird but i'll explain why..

yesterday, i had a headache and it was awful!
i was talking to one of my friends about it and she truly seemed to care
that i wasn't feeling well. she even sounded a bit worried.
she was being thoughtful.

also, yesterday, nick came to pick me up from work and
he comes a little
early every time and just sits to wait for me to be done working.
yesterday was a bit different.
he brought me flowers!

one PINK rose and two PINK carnations.
i said "whhhyy??" cuz i was shocked.
nick said "just because it's wednesday."
awww oh my gosh.
he was being thoughtful.

yesterday, before i left work, i took one last call
i wasn't too excited about it.. haha.
i wanted to get outta there!
BUT i did it anyway.
the guy that i was talking to really made my night though.
he said some really nice things like "you sound like you've got a good head on your shoulders"
"you really sound smart and you know what you're talking about"
just a few things that probably meant nothing
to him but they sure made me feel great!
i really appreciate it when someone doesn't think
i'm "reading a script"
i really was trying hard to address this guy's every concern.
it wasn't rehearsed at all. and it was a great call.
he was being thoughtful.

i know these are just small insignificant acts
but they meant a lot to me.

i'm really thankful for thoughtful people.

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