Thursday, September 11, 2008

i'm VERY thankful

Today is a special thankful Thursday..
Today I just want to say that I'm extremely thankful for not having to be directly
involved with the destruction that hap
pened on
September 11th, 2001.

No one in my family was involved nor had any direct connections
with the tragedies.
It was a terrible day for all of us but I'm extremely
sorry for anyone who had to go through that heartbreak.

I found this poem and I like it alot.

Angel's Working Overtime

We couldn't believe the hatred they had, the actions they took made the World so sad.

They thought it would break the American Pride, little did they kno
w we hold it deep inside.

Thinking of all who died made the World so blue, but rest assured, God gave them a job to do.

They have new titles than they had with us, they are now called Angels, nothing less.

They were Angels all along given to you as a gift, now they are everywhere, helping our spirits lift.

An Angel, God is always sending, cause the
human heart always needs mending.

They are running around sending Hope, Peace and Love. All of God's messages from above.

I know they will give you a little sign, telling you they are now Angel's Working

The World Trade Center
The Pentagon
American Airlines Flt 11
United Airlines Flt 175
United Airlines Flt 93
New York City Fire Department
Port Authority Police Department
New York City Police Department
For anyone experiencing a personal loss;
this day will never be far from our thoughts and memories.
This is to honor the brave, gifted and precious lives that were lost.

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Kings said...

I like, and agree!