Wednesday, September 3, 2008


well! i go in for my TWENTY week ultrasound on monday!
crazy right??
i know that everyone reading this can think back to when
i was only barely pregnant! haha
now i'm almost half way done???
it's weird to think about.

i can't wait!! i get to see her again and it's the best!
i love to see her roll around and kick her legs!
even though i can't feel it as much
as i'd like to
i love to be able to see it on the screen!

this ultrasound is the BIG, important one.
they measure everything and make sure she's
doing well.
i'm anxious to make sure she's doing well
i want to make sure everything is going good
this has been the most amazing, life changing
experience ever. i can't wait to see what
parenthood has in store for nick and I!
haha.. hopefully a GREAT baby!
i mean c'mon... i've already had a tough pregnancy!
can't i just have a good little baby!!??
hahaha... we'll see.

the only thing i'm sad about is this is the
last ultrasound...
no more after this unless i want to pay
the person at the mall...
nahh probably not. they're too expensive
for myy blood!

i don't know.. maybe i'll get really anxious to see
her again. another one of those
"we'll see" situations.

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